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 I have created a kitty wish list on Amazon.
Smooch's eye issues and his behavior issues are treatable, but the tools that make it a lot easier do cost money, and my Patreon is flagging -- I'm down about $80 from where I was at my best.  Normally it wouldn't be so bad, but we've had to pay off some medical bills, and it's hitting us hard.
So if you would like to do a good thing and help Smooch (and the other goblins) out,  here's the link again.

Right now the Feliway stuff and the Lysine treats and paste are the most important.  

The Feliway really helps reduce his anxiety and resulting aggression.  There's two sizes of refill there, for two price points.

I haven't been able to afford to get him started on the lysine treats that will help his eye issues.  The powder stuff that goes into wet food is too hard for him to eat, I can't get enough into him.

We always, alllllways need litter.

There's also fun treats and some more expensive toys on there.  The Ripple Rug looks AMAZING.

I hate having to do this, but it's for my stupid losers, and I love them so much.
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