Dec. 6th, 2013

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On behalf of a friend, please consider lending a hand.  Contact info is in the letter below.  This person really deserves to catch a break.  In the spirit of the holidays, signal boost and show a little love?

Dear friends: please read the following letter and share as widely as possible. Donate if you can. And for those of you who know the person in question, please do not share any further information than I have given here, including her name. Thank you.

"Dear Everyone,

I implore your help on behalf of a young woman who is struggling mightily to make ends meet.

Since the premature birth of her son almost two years ago, M.J.M. has been unable to find the things she wants most: a safe and stable living situation, a steady job that pays a living wage, or the resources to return to college.

She has multiple health problems, including hypertension, migraines, and serious anxiety/panic disorder. Two major surgeries without adequate recovery time left her with severe chronic pain and a need for physical therapy.

M.J.M. is not just a single parent, but her child’s only caregiver. The system is taking its sweet time getting the boy’s father to pay child support. State aid doesn’t cover rent, much less all the things an active toddler needs. The only family she can turn to are grandparents across the country, with medical bills of their own.

This woman has clawed her way out of some tough situations in life, and continues to fight tooth and nail for a better future for herself and her son. She’s reluctant to accept charity, but things are looking pretty bleak right now.

At this time of year, no one should have to worry about homelessness with a small child. Please, whatever winter holidays you celebrate, help me brighten her days with enough money to cover rent through the end of her current living arrangement (a few more weeks) plus a little extra for a security deposit to get her into a new place.

Donations can be made via Paypal to (Or email me for a snail-mail address. I’m using my business account as she doesn’t have regular internet access or a bank account; all money donated will be given to her in cash). In return, we’ll send you origami ornaments (you can see examples in my shop:, hand-written thank you notes, and guaranteed adorable pictures of the little one.

Thank you."

(And a HUGE shout-out to all the wonderful folks who have donated time, money, energy, transportation, childcare, hand-me-downs, and everything else that's kept them going so far!)

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Now that Fish is gone, Etrigan has been coming to sleep with me every night the door is open.  He will come in a few hours before I get up and lay up by my head with his head bonked against mine or his chin resting on my head/face/neck, and often with one paw thrown over me, and he will sack right out.  I've NEVER had a cat want to be so literally up in my face while sleeping.  Even Tazendra saw me off to sleep, then went to sleep somewhere else, by herself.  She was putting me to bed, not sleeping.

The first couple of nights he was really, really pathetic about it and constantly woke me up wanting pets.  I wasn't going to throw him out.  What am I, inhuman?  I just told him it was okay and I was here and he was safe, and I guess he decided that sleeping with me is kind of nice.

He's pretty bad at it still -- he stomps on my face sometimes and hasn't learned not to shake the bed when he goes to scratch or chew himself -- so it's a little disruptive, but what it lacks in restfulness it makes up for in feeling loved and needed, and being able to comfort something small and essentially helpless.  He doesn't seem sad anymore, but he has been a lot cuddlier, and solicits me for snuggles several times a day, which he did not used to do.

I don't have a recent picture of him on this computer.  Here is a picture of him in spirit:

He's basically been a giant furry suckup.  I don't understand.  He was not supposed to be MY CAT.  He was Sargon's.

But, then, Sargon doesn't put up with being bothered in his sleep.  I evidently do.  (Provided it's a cat.  Humans get kicked and bitten.)

I think Etrigan just knows a couple of suckers when he sees them.

Annnd here he comes right now, probably wanting to ram his head into mine or bite me on the tit or put his butt in my face.  But he'll purr while he does it, so it's okay, I guess.



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