Mar. 21st, 2014

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Hey, guys.  This is a signal boost for a friend's girlfriend's family.  They need to get the fuck out of her fucked up housing situation and into a better one, stat.

Go take a look and kick some help their way, or signal boost, please?

I know these folks, they're good people, this is legit, and this is a situation nobody should be in.

Hello, my name is Louis Adkins, and I have a problem.  I, and my family, currently live in rural West Virginia, near Barboursville (halfway between Charleston and Huntington, the two cities found to be most miserable by Gallup Polls, recently.)  We are a family of five, including myself and my wife, as well as my brother, and his two daughters (plus pets!)

We live is a run-down, disintegrating, moldy pile of wood and rust, which we grudgingly call a house.  The state of this place is somewhere between terrible and atrocious.  The rate of decomposition was outpacing out ability to afford repairs up until now, and we just lost our only job/income!

Well, at least we can still drink the water.. oh, wait, this is West Virginia.  Strike that, no drinking the water.

We had a family discussion, and decided we needed out of here.  Where, though, would we go, and how would we get there?  After consideration of family, friends, and health issues, we decided on Washington State.  We ran the math, and winced at the costs.  We added our savings, the estimated tax returns, and the retirement fund together, and realized we were still going to be a bit short, so here we are!

We're asking you for help!  Please, contribute to our 'Move to WA' fund!  You'll be helping get our family out of a virtually unlivable situation, covering costs to move us and our belongings over 2500 miles!  This will put us in a cleaner environment, with better public programs and schools!  You will be helping us get a clean start in a new place, and that means the world to us.  Really.

Please help out, or signal boost?  They don't have a lot of time left and need all the help they can get.

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Wow, so. I had a whole post written, and it got et. We made goal on The Shadow Princess, which is awesome. I didn't think we would make it this time, and we did, and I want to thank everyone who donated or signal-boosted or otherwise helped out with good vibes/goat sacrifices/etc. Thank you.

Smooch has been to the vet having Grand Adventures. First, to get an opinion on his stinky breath and possible tooth infection, then to get his teeth cleaned. No tooth infection, just a nasty eyesocket. So he's good. Although he was really stoned when we brought him home, and was tiptoe-tail-rubbing all over everything, looking just as pleased as can be to be home. He didn't care about his brother. Just the vacuum cleaner, wall, couch, table, chairs, etc. Then he peed on himself and slept for like twelve hours off and on.

It was . . . well, you know, it seemed to be a really good day for him, based on his rolling around and purring and hugging me every chance he got, but I had less fun. I had to wash pee off my already smelly cat, and I slept badly because I was worried about him being away from home. Anyway, he's on a Banfield plan now and has free office visits. I've already saved a shitton of money, since the tooth cleaning and a bunch of his bloodwork is free on the plan.

I went to the vet, too, for reasons about which the less said, the better, and while it's not serious, it's still stressing me out and making me really sad to have to deal with. So I appreciate y'all's forbearance while I try to deal with this. I'm not going to be tremendously accessible. Between this and the general depression-fueled inactivity, I've been accomplishing very little that could be called "constructive."

The best news I have besides making goal is that I've managed to clean my room pretty thoroughly, so for the first time since I moved in, it's not embarrassing. I'm rather pleased with myself for that.


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