Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Hey!  Big push to get the new campaign launched.

This is the one that's paying for him to get set up in his new place so we really need it to go well!

Go take a look, spread the word, pitch in, do whatever you can do!  This is an important one!

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] sargon999 at Call of the Crimson Empire
Title 4

New campaign is up and live!

In the heart of the Zor Empire, there is turmoil and treachery.  The Empress has been assassinated, and opportunists, traitors, and schemers vie for control of the succession.  Into this chaos comes:

Kasar Kell Calyx - Daughter of an ancient but impoverished noble house, she has given up her fiefdom to come to Zor Prime and join the Imperial Guard, not knowing that malevolent forces are at work hunting down and destroying that proud force.  Her mouth gets her into trouble her sword cannot get her out of, and so she falls in with three outlawed guards.

Shirda Shang Krull - A wanted killer, Shirda was conditioned to be an assassin but she escaped and hides her criminal past beneath the red cloak of a Guard.

Rel Glar Gorganon - Son of an illustrious line, Rel was sent to study the mental disciplines of the Psion Temple.  When he left before his training was completed, he was disowned by his family, and now only the cloak of a Guardsman protects him from the wrath of the Temple.

Tor Torus Molok - A red-skinned giant from the desert world of Sard.  A man of vast temper and humor.  An outlaw on his homeworld under sentence of death, now he uses his strength in service to the throne.

Together these companions must venture to a desolate world in search of a lost heir to the throne, even if all the forces of greed and deceit stand in their way.  The last of the Imperial Guards will answer the Call of the Crimson Empire.

Before this campaign is over, I will be out on my own, and I need this to work!  Come see and join me!


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