Mar. 3rd, 2016

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I have switched my medical and psychiatric care to two small clinics that work in partnership with one another to provide patients with complete, integrated care.

They specialize in low-income individuals and help them to access the governmental and private assistance programs for which they quality.  To that end I have been assigned a case manager, a very smart lady who has already identified several ways she can help me dramatically.  Not just with the meds, but overall, disability-wise.  I met with her today for the first time, and we get along swimmingly.

If Soonercare/Medicaid spits the prescriptions out and won't pay for brand name, we're changing the game and going through the manufacturer's patient assistance programs for my meds.  I thought I didn't qualify.  Turns out I was making a mistake on the online eligibility tools, one I had no way of knowing I was making.  Correcting for that, I may quality for both.  That would be tremendous.

We also discussed ways to maximize my disability payments.  She seemed rather disgusted at the amount they are giving me, and is confident we can raise it a little.  It's all in knowing what the actual rules are and filling out the paperwork properly.  I did my best, but my best was never going to be good enough, because there are so many things I couldn't know and didn't know how to find out.

So she's going to be a huge help.  And she makes house calls.  Obviously I like this woman.  (So does Etrigan, who asked her to play fetch.)

For now, it looks like I'm in good hands.  Of course things could change and these people could turn out to be the Actual Worst Oh God, but so far everyone involved in my care is on the ball and backing me while I call the shots.  The pharmacy knows what's going on and has promised to help me find an affordable, digestible generic if everything goes south.  The NP who is my Doctor is doing everything he can.  Everyone is nice.  I like them, they like me, we laugh a lot, and we are all doing our best.

Shoutout to Sargon, who has been very helpful this whole time, despite having a shitton of other stuff to juggle.  Very much appreciated.

And a major, major shoutout to my darling Bear, who is the one that rang the right bell when she threw herself on the mercy of her therapist and said "PLEASE HELP MY FAVORITE PERSON."  Her very capable, resourceful therapist.  Who owns the clinic.  Personally.  And essentially said "This whole situation is stupid, get her in here right away and we will fix it."  If she had not thought to do that, I would long since have gone past "treading water" into "actively drowning".

And love to all my local friends who have helped or offered to help or who will help in the coming weeks as we settle out this moving business and get me back on my meds and hopefully fully functional (as functional as I get).

I am very lucky to have all of these people in my life.

Things are still rocky, I am still psychologically unsteady and I'm very tired and still quite frightened, but as of today there is a very real possibility of getting this fixed.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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