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She seized, or had a heart attack, or something, and passed away.  It was quick.

It's not exactly surprising.  She was 19, which is a venerable age for any cat, and even more extraordinary when applied to a purring robotic simulacrum.*

We'd been expecting it for a while, but it's still a sad thing.

The boys are all right; Etrigan is a little subdued.  He took it hard when Fish went, and this can't feel good to him either.  I'm holding up okay, Sargon's holding up okay.  It's just . . . a thing.

I owe Sargon a huge debt of thanks for caring for her; I haven't been here much, frankly, and because of the layout of the house and the fact that Etrigan and Smooch are both assholes, she most often wound up in his room to escape the bullying.  I did a kind of crap job keeping up with her, frankly, but he made sure she was comfortable.

She was a good cat.  I don't feel up to talking about how good because I really don't feel like crying, so . . . some other time.

* I mean, does your Roomba run for 19 years on one charge?  No.  No, it does not.
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