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I feel kind of like I did after Orlando, only it's a more pervasive kind of helplessness, and this time I feel actual fear.

I sit down to do something creative, and 95% of the time I can't do it.  I just don't feel it.  I'm having trouble concentrating on anything.

I sit down to try to write something hopeful and encouraging and the words are just stuck.  Not that I feel like there's no hope, far from it, but I know that people are really afraid and hurting right now and it will take time for them to be able to see it.  I don't know what I could say that could make a dent.

Love each other.  That's all I have to say.  Love each other, and stand up for each other, and do what you can to help people who are not like you whenever you can.  Be a presence for one another, now more than ever.  And please . . . find a way to get involved.  Volunteering, donating, being present for your friends who are affected by this.  Think small-scale, if you want to.  Throw some money toward someone's top surgery.  Buy someone affirming clothes.  Buy groceries for a needy family.  Make phone calls for someone who has trouble with that.  Go to the store or ride on public transit with someone who feels afraid.  There are so many opportunities to help, once you look.  So whenever you can, be the helper that Mister Rogers told us all to look for.

And take care of yourselves, okay?  You are needed.
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Thank you for sticking around. I know it's hard and terrifying, but I am glad you are even peripherally in my life. I still point folks to your amazing skull art, I think you are an example of someone who can swear creatively in all the best ways.
Take care of you. I love you.
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I've had friends going with me to scary doctor's appointments and it makes so much difference. We talk about what I need to get done, and when I seem to be faltering, my friend asks the question that I'm blanking on, or fills in a bit.

And I went with him to get a pap smear, which is ... unusually fraught, for men, generally.
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And my librarian plans to put up a diversity statement (similar to Dreamwidth's) in their library, as a welcome to those who need it and a warning to those who would disregard it. (My librarian is the best angry dragon.)
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I honestly think that he won't last the first term. he's already discouraged and the protests have just begun. even so I'm sure he'll never get a second term. take heart. love to you and yours.

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Well, that leaves Pence at the helm, and he's terrifying. But I take deep, deep, DEEP satisfaction in Trump's apparent discomfort. I hope he's absolutely miserable the entire time.

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Here is a journal link for more that people can do.
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