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This is Angel, and we need to find her a home in the Tulsa, Oklahoma-ish area.

She is in the custody of a friend of mine whose stepmother recently passed away, and as he's getting ready to move out of state, he needs to find someone to take her.  She's a yellow-eyed mostly-white calico.

Here is what my friend has to say about Angel:

The kitty's name is Angel, kind of a misnomer cause she can be grumpy till she gets to know you. She is about seven years old and in good health, spayed and declawed, so she would have to be an indoor cat. She is absolutely beautiful however, and sweet once she comes around.

She really loves her grub, and the way to her heart is definitely through her stomach. She hated me and wouldn't let me touch her until I started feeding her after my step-mom passed away. Now she comes up to me and demands to be petted. She is a diva though and only wants to be touched when she is in the mood, however that is a lot.

She is a beautiful cat, if a little zaftig, but she is very shy and slow to warm up to people. She would probably be happiest as an only cat.

If you know a little old lady who would like a beautiful cat and can be patient to let her come out of her shell, she would make a fine companion.

Angel sounds like someone's dream kitty.  I wanna emphasize that adult cats are WONDERFUL to adopt, and here is a lovely article all about that.

If you live nearish Tulsa and can take Angel in and give her an indoor-only home, please contact my friend Rob at!


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