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Hey, I figure you all have better experience with anemia caused by *ahem* pernicious blood loss than the online medical BS sites, so I thought I would ask you:

Is persistent queasiness or mild nausea associated with this kind of anemia for you? I have had a shitty appetite for a couple of weeks now, and now I just feel slightly ill 2/3 of the time. Not like I'm going to hwarf, but like if I ate something, it wouldn't sit well, you know? Food hasn't been disagreeing with me, though. Not much more than usual.

Please don't hesitate to say no, you don't get queasy. I'm needing to differentiate this from something going on with my meds or the onset of seasonal allergies, so honesty is appreciated.

Also, no, you don't have to tell me to see my doctor. I still want to hear what you have to say, since I can't get to my doctor for a few days at least. And I have no idea where to start with the laundry list of shit that is not going well.

Also, my cats are so goddamn cute, you have no idea. Pics soon.


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