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Cat Help

So, this is how I get work done.

Or, rather, don't get work done.

Etrigan is an asshole. He gets into my lap whenever he wants, like it never even occurs to him that he isn't welcome, and he takes up ALL THE SPACE for as long as he wants. That is sometimes for an hour, and sometimes for five seconds, when he hears something that might be food-related. He doesn't give a shit if I'm busy doing something else.

He will sometimes try to trick us into playing with him by taking a toy mouse and leaving it on the couch or on the chair, and when we pick it up so we can sit down, he streaks over and stops inches away, like the Road Runner, and waits for us to throw it. And we feel so guilty for getting his stupid little hopes up that we throw it, and his very obvious, completely transparent trick works.

He's going to the vet on Thursday, because he's been sick a lot lately, with epic barfings. So cross your fingers for the little turd. I love him.

<More pics of the derp-derpy derp-panther!><a href= )

But what I really came to show you is this:

Lady Fox Finished

She needs a bit of touching up, but she's done. That's the actual ink drawing that will become one of the prints we are putting out with the novel. She's 9x12, but the prints might be smaller, we haven't decided yet. Get 'em here!.

Also, you can get the originals, if you're quick. Go here and scroll down to where it says Original Art Print Package, and there you go.

The Golden Mask's portrait isn't done, but you can see him in progress here:

Fox and Mask progress

Also a neat progress shot of Fox. The Mask will be done hopefully tomorrow, but most likely Thursday.

I have to say, his feathers are jaunty as fuck.

ETA: We had a couple folks ask about this. If you have already donated/want to donate, and you later want to donate more to get the next perk on the scale, we will TOTALLY work with you on that. Indiegogo doesn't have support for that through the interface, but we will 100% work with you to get you the package you want. *nods* You can contribute extra without selecting a perk by clicking the "Contribute Now" button on the right under the progress totals.

Ticker! So close! 76%!

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The Golden Mask is 60% funded. I am hopeful that we will make it, but we've hit the midpoint and things are slowing down a bit. Sunday was our first day without any new backers, so I thought I would share something awesome with you to show you why we are still excited!

One of the things we are offering as incentives are prints of drawings I'm doing especially for this book: Lady Fox and the Golden Mask.

A while back I did two nice little black and white ink drawings. They were small, and I never quite got them how I wanted them, but they were still fabulous. I'm taking this opportunity to redraw them at a standard size.

I only just bit into the drawing tonight, so I wanted to show you what I'm working from, just because I need to get y'all a visual so you understand what's going on here.

So that's what I'm working from. What I'm doing is redrawing them at a larger size, adding the right names to the text areas, and just improving them overall. They will look very very much like these, only better. And the guy will be wearing a regular mask, not a wolf mask. The art is very Beardsley-Nouveau.

I really hate throwing out pictures of something not the actual thing, but I was delayed starting these. I wanted to let y'all get an idea of what I'm working on before we all get down to the wire and you maybe miss out on your chance to grab them. These are going to be beautiful prints, at a standard US size, easy to frame and mat, and if you want the signed and numbered ones y'all are gonna have to get in on it before this is over. There may not be any open edition prints; I may not order more than I need. It depends on what the printer quotes me. More information forthcoming.

So give it some thought. Might be worth it for the art alone, eh?

If you get the package, you get other stuff, too:

Autographed print copy, including website membership, ebook edition, and listing with the contributors. Also included will be a handmade bookmark and quality prints of portraits of the two heroes of the novel - The Golden Mask and Lady Fox - by award-winning illustrator Amanda Gannon.

Actual pictures of the actual incentive prints will follow shortly. The drawing will go quickly (I have the lineart almost completely finished) and I'll hopefully be done with one or both by the end of this week.

I hope you can see why I'm excited about them. They are going to be really cool.

So visit us and secure your prints if you want 'em! And if you know anyone who likes erotica and likes Art Nouveau and Beardsley and Will Bradley, maybe kick them our way.

Love you all! (And I hope those of you who have reserved prints are enjoying the sneak peek!)
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I need to take some time and do something fun every night, or so I am told, but I am fundamentally incapable of doing anything that isn't creative and challenging, apparently. So I'm teaching myself to draw people again, an hour at a time, and I am documenting the process. I will post results now and then to catalog my progress!

This is Week 1: Curvy, Cute, and Sassy! (Next week will be faces, or pretty boys. I'm leaning toward boys.)

BttDB Day 4 detail

Sauce. I don't know her name but she's just gorgeous; look how the light melts on her skin like butter.

I'll eventually be doing dirty stuff, but I promise to cut anything more adult than boobs or bottom. I'm not cutting the boobs or bottom, though. Woman's gotta have some standards.

This is from Day 004, today. I have been trying to limit my individual drawings to 15-20 minutes, but I confess I let myself go for an hour on this one.

Showing these, even just the good ones, is a big deal for me because it involves total honesty and a lot of vulnerability (i.e. I am showing you my mistakes). I will be working from references, but since I'm re-learning from scratch, I'm not checking it directly against the photograph or working directly on top of the photograph, which I usually do. I'm building the drawing from the core up, not reproducing it from the outside in.

I have resolved not going to point out what I did wrong, even though looking at that is useful and educational. Pointing it out is not fun for anyone else, so, you know, I'll just mention what I thought I did well. And today, that is her mouth and chin, because that is a hellaciously hard angle to get right.

I wanted to share this with y'all, because I have been and will be posting stuff that is not so happy, and I want to leaven that with something fun and intimate and generally awesome. I want to post more and engage more. I want something to look forward to.

Thing I Made Thursday isn't going anywhere, though! Fear not! I have something awesome to show you this week!


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