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Haaaaay, everyone!  I was all set to do a great big super-duper awesomesauce entry about the ebook release of Fox's Tale, but I'm sick as a dog, so that ain't happening.

Instead, I will just show you the new cover:


I'm calling that finished.  I think it looks pretty good.  So, now you can go grab a copy!  I wrote a bonus scene, too.

I know folks were waiting on this.  Sorry it took so long.  I have to do everything myself, so it sometimes takes a while for things to work their way through.  I'll try to be quicker about it in the future.  Again, doing it all myself, so no guarantees!

Best.  Hoping I feel less like leftover roadkill tomorrow.  Good lord.  I feel like I'm trying to give birth to a snot elemental through my skull.

Also!  Friendly reminder!  If you grabbed an ebook last week, leave us reviews on Smashwords and/or Amazon!  It's quick, it's easy, and it actually helps a lot.  So if you have a minute, think about it, yes?

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Heyyy! What's this? Two 99 cent shorts up on Smashwords!

It's October, heading straight into the creepy part of the year. If you're feeling the need for a really, really good horror story, I have exactly what you need!

Cold Lady

Marooned in the ice after a mutiny, five military men are lost in the Hudson Bay sometime before the American Revolution. With few supplies and less hope, they intend to struggle overland through the bitter winter to safety. They think they are alone in this silent winter wilderness. They are not. Something is here. Something has always been here. Something awful and ancient and hungry. It has waited through endless cold years for them, and now it will hunt them down.

Contains graphic violence and gore. You are warned not to read it alone. Not kidding.

A laudatory quote from a friend: "Thanks. Thanks A LOT."

And yes, it's bloody, but it's not a splatter story. It . . . works on the mind. Best not to read at night, or alone.

And, because I have been meaning to link to it, here, have a short story I wrote!

Y'all may have seen it over at The Edge of Propinquity back in 2006. I thought that October would be a good time to re-release this weird little tale.

The End of Memory

How close is close enough? Small talk over absinthe leads to midnight confessions and the intimacy that shared secrets bring; intimacy of the body, and of the mind. Lust and debauchery have their price, though. What would you give anything to remember? What would you give anything to forget?

You will note that you can read it for free at the link above, but I would appreciate it if you'd throw the dollar my way.

And yeah, I did the covers. Cold Lady is from Sargon's concept drawing. Memory is from the following Flickr members via Creative Commons:
Figure: Mika Cerna
Border: Theresa Thompson
Absinthe: IntangibleArts

Show some love!


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