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Haaaaay, everyone!  I was all set to do a great big super-duper awesomesauce entry about the ebook release of Fox's Tale, but I'm sick as a dog, so that ain't happening.

Instead, I will just show you the new cover:


I'm calling that finished.  I think it looks pretty good.  So, now you can go grab a copy!  I wrote a bonus scene, too.

I know folks were waiting on this.  Sorry it took so long.  I have to do everything myself, so it sometimes takes a while for things to work their way through.  I'll try to be quicker about it in the future.  Again, doing it all myself, so no guarantees!

Best.  Hoping I feel less like leftover roadkill tomorrow.  Good lord.  I feel like I'm trying to give birth to a snot elemental through my skull.

Also!  Friendly reminder!  If you grabbed an ebook last week, leave us reviews on Smashwords and/or Amazon!  It's quick, it's easy, and it actually helps a lot.  So if you have a minute, think about it, yes?

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Chapter one of The Fox's Tale has launched over at!

Chapter One: Fox Country!

And it's free to read! So come on over and join us! Next Monday, once we have three chapters up, I will be starting a promotion to get traffic over there, but for now I just want you to go read and have a good time. This is a really fun story.

Fox's Tale cover art rough

Also, from now until December 5, ebooks are on sale at Smashwords!

Hour of the Gryphon is down 25% to $1.50! Might want to pick this one up, since it's set in the same country as The Fox's Tale, just waaay in the past. Still, it's Captain Lanner's great-grandparents, and he figures sort of prominently in this one.
Coupon code: AB35L

Witches' Mark is discounted 33%, down to $3.00!
Coupon code: XM43Q

Pride and Prostitutes is down 25% to $2.00!
Coupon code: LY35H

I'm so sorry you have to enter the codes individually; Smashwords doesn't have a global coupon option.

Also, if you were thinking about it, now would be a great time to join! Five dollars a month, three updates a week. Can't beat that!

Or, if you just feel like tossing a tip in the tip jar for artist upkeep, here it is:


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