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Until I was about six, I thought:

A guilt trip was something grownups actually took because they were mad at someone. It lasted all weekend and was always to someplace that you really wanted to go. But you didn't get to. Because you were bad.

Every grownup got actual bills in the mail marked "YOUR DUES," which they had to pay or, presumably, they got yelled at and/or had to go back to school and start over at being a grownup. (I was unclear on the consequences and how this actually worked.)

Adultery was called adultery because that's just what adults did. (To be fair, this was due to the media and not due to a childhood spent with blatantly adulterous parents.)

. . .

Now, I think all of that is hilarious, but it is kind of appalling in retrospect.

I'm not sayin' I don't love my parents. I'm not sayin' that they were bad people who did bad things. I'm just sayin' make sure your kiddos don't have any reason to think these things are true, 'kay?
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Highly articulate customer reviews the DivaCup. No holds barred.

Any and all of you who appreciated my Bloody Hell rant of lo these many years past must go and read this review immediately.

Apparently this fantastic woman tried the DivaCup, and left it a review on Amazon, and . . . well . . . I know this review wasn't written by me or by my sister, who is equally profane and brilliant, but it could have been.

Lady, whoever you are, I salute you. Bloody well done.

For posterity, in case the text disappears from Amazon, which would be a terrible loss to humanity:

Full review here. )


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