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I hate doing this. I frigging hate it. But government aid from disability and for health care is not enough to dig us out of the hole we're in, and never will be, so we're sort of stuck begging to make up the shortfall. (I really fucking hate my country right now.)

The situation:

Right now, I have $160 that is not spoken for.

My dermatologist got me a discount card on one of the medications, so I can (supposedly, if it actually works) get it for $50. I can pay that.

The other I will have to pay for, because Medicaid isn't covering it. It's also $200, and I have all but $100 of it.  I might be able to get it for less, but that will require some wrangling, which takes time.  I must get a refill on it this week, which means paying for it flat-out.

So, basically, we always need money, but the face stuff is going to cost me $100 I don't have.  That's not much, even $5 at a time.

The deal:

We are starting the Indiegogo campaign for Imperial Blood on Monday. It's a gothic vampire novel that subverts the tropes without verging into total parody, sort of a dark beauty and the beast story where beauty becomes the beast. It's going to be more kinky than usual. I'm excited about it.

If you were planning on donating to the Indiegogo campaign,
we will obviously need your donations at that time to make goal, so hold on and do it then. I don't want to cut into the revenue there; iif we don't make goal, Indiegogo keeps more of the money.

If you were not planning on donating to the Indiegogo campaign and you want to help out, and you have Paypal, there's a couple three options for you.

1) You can go here, to the Donate page on Silver Into Steel. There's a button where you can enter your own amount. There's another button where you can subscribe to the journal to support it -- basically, Paypal will send me $10 a month, automatically, from your account. (There's also an unsubscribe button.) All of those options feed into my Paypal right now.

2) You can paypal Sargon at to help with general household expenses. Ironically, money reaches me faster through him, and for purposes of disability stuff it counts against us less than money I bring in.

3) Or you can click this button:

Donate Button

It will let you enter whatever amount you like, and goes to my Paypal.

Any extra I get will go toward things like food, bills, mortgage, and to refill the currently-empty vet care pool, which I try to keep around $100.

I'm grateful for any help you can give.  Again, I hate doing this, and I'm sorry.

Thank you for everything you've done.  Honestly, we would not be afloat if not for you.  It should not be this way, and I find it humiliating in a way I can't really describe.  Sadly, this is where I am, and I am glad I have youall with me.
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From [personal profile] elialshadowpine:

So, a friend of mine is in a really bad spot. [ profile] robertsloan2 is living in San Francisco in a residence hotel on $750 a month disability. His rent is $600. (Or something like this. My details may be off but it is ridiculous.) While he gets food stamps, this puts him in a place where he cannot afford anything beyond bare necessities, and sometimes not even that.

Robert's computer died this morning. We are looking at donating our working laptop, but it is six years old, and I'm not sure how much time it has left. The Internet is Robert's support network and more than that, his livelihood, as he is a writer and looking to self-publish. Without a working computer, he can't do any of this.

Because of complications with Social Security counting any money that Robert receives through his paypal as income (and will thus take it out of his disability checks), I will be acting as guardian for the collected funds and will arrange to have the laptop purchased and sent to him, and will make sure that he receives any funds leftover. My paypal is

Every little bit helps. Please pass this around! Thank you guys! :)

I'd appreciate a boost on this. I know I couldn't function without my Beast. I know and will vouch for Nonny, and any money sent that way will absolutely make it to the guy who needs it.

Thanks for the help, guys!
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As Sargon says here, he needs a new computer. His desktop monster is on its last legs, and despite heroic efforts, needs to be replaced with something less aggravating.

This comes at a bad time, obviously. We just had our fucking food stamps cut -- we're going to argue with them about it, but who knows where that'll go -- and I've got to see the doctor on Monday. We're running a new campaign in a month or so, and I don't want to put a strain on everyone's patience, but we'd appreciate it a lot if you tossed a buck or two toward on Paypal to help defray expenses.

There's a donate button at this page or you can just PayPal it directly to, again,

Thanks a lot, guys. We wouldn't be getting by if not for you. We've had a few people donate really generously, and offer to pay for things, and . . . well . . . I'm more grateful than I can say.
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Hey, all!

Author, editor, gamer, awesome person, and friend Jennifer Brozek's kitteh Mena is having the first part of a two-stage ear surgery to correct a painful congenital defect, and it is not covered by kitteh insurance.

They're having a book sale at Apocalypse Ink Productions to help offset costs, so go look and see if anything appeals to you.

Especially recommended, IMO, is Caller Unknown.

“Please, Karen. Lamiel will die tonight if you don’t help her.”

Kendrick is a city alive in more ways than one. Its borders contain a hidden world composed of secret societies, the supernatural, the lost, and the unexplained. It is the world that Karen, a 911 operator, is thrust into.  It begins with a phone call. A stranger begs Karen to save a young woman’s life, opening Karen’s eyes to the world beneath the surface of the city she thought she knew. People are dying. Artifacts are being stolen. The streets are filled with rumors of a city-destroying ritual.  Karen is determined to figure out what is really going on and protect her city, whatever the cost…

Caller Unknown: Book One of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, is the first of four collections following the trials of Karen Wilson as she delves into the secret side of Kendrick. With enemies on all sides, unknown allies, and a baby gargoyle, what she finds will change her life forever.
There is also a donation button on the Apocalypse Ink site, if you just feel like throwing a little money their way.

Kitteh compels you wif cuteness.


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Okey-dokey. Here's the deal.

My friend Grace (aka [ profile] snowcoma) still desperately needs to find a long-term fosterer for her kitties. Their names are Little Owl and Edward-Cat. They are in Seattle.

Grace is in about the worst place a person can be in. She's currently homeless, and while she has a temporary place to stay while she gets back on her feet, her cats are being boarded -- extremely temporarily -- at a vet's office.

If nobody can take them, they'll go to the shelter. We all know how overloaded shelters everywhere are. We all know what happens to adult cats in shelters. I don't like putting it like that, but . . . yes. At the very least, they would be adopted by gods-know-who and she would never see them again. That's unacceptable to me. No. That's just unthinkable.

Grace . . . Grace is extremely bipolar, like me, and like me, she relies on her cats for emotional support. Being separated from them is bad enough. The prospect of having them put down and losing them forever just because life is shitty and crazy is shittier is absolutely horrific. Like, I've had nightmares about it level horrific.

These cats come with character references out the wazoo. Neutered, shots, etc. Get along together just fine. Basically, perfect cats.

Guys. That face.

What we need:

Help finding them a foster home, long-term would be best, but at this point, we are just trying to keep them out of kill shelters. Local to Seattle-ish would be best, but if necessary, maybe we could get them driven out somewhere else. Maybe folks could help arrange transport. Grace can be reached at: 503-568-6660. She keeps odd hours, so don't hesitate to leave voicemail.


Donations to help keep them boarded at the vet's. It's about $28 a day for both of them. If you can donate to this, please contact Jillian aka [ profile] cupcake_goth. Jillian's PayPal address: She's coordinating PayPal payments and acting as point of contact for home-finding right now.

Grace's e-mail, for questions about the kitties or whatnot, is

I've posted about this before trying to get them a permanent place to stay, and the best we've got so far is this (very much appreciated) temporary boarding deal. We really need to make this happen. Mostly I just throw the cat halp stuff up here and say "f-list, f-list, do as you will." This time, we need to make the magic happen. I need signal boosts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal, and anywhere else you can boost it. I need a fucking miracle, Internet. I'm not just trying to help a friend, I'm trying to help keep a fellow lycanthrope from losing her heart, when she has lost just about everything else a person can lose.

Nobody deserves this. Nobody. Can we please make the world just this one tiny bit less cruel?

Here's the link again. Please spread it around.
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Long story short, the printer we were using won't take adult material, and we need to find someone else, stat. They charged $5 a book, we currently have a place that runs $12. That's a big kick in the pants, and we would really like to find something better if we can. So if you can help us find a place that can produce a 6x9 trade paperback with 500 pages, we'd be really super-duper grateful. We're anticipating a run of 25 or 30 as a minimum order.

I'll be posting about this again, once people have had a chance to get back online after the weekend, but I wanted to get the ball rolling now.

Long story long, the publisher we were originally going to go with for The Golden Mask apparently does not take adult material. We did not find this out until we were in the actual process of trying to get our book uploaded, whereupon a fucking popup window appeared saying that they don't take erotica -- information, I'll add, that was nowhere else on their site.

They were, unfortunately, a very inexpensive publisher. So now we can't use them, and we're stuck with way higher production costs than anticipated. I'm . . . to say I'm upset about this is to completely ignore the fact that I would like to chew someone's face off.

What we're doing is running another Indiegogo campaign, a short one, to print up copies of Pride and Prostitutes and charge some extra to make up for some of the shortfall. We have a publisher we're looking at that charges about $12 a book -- it's a big book at 500 pages and trade paperback sized.

Obviously, if we could find someone cheaper, we would make up more of the money we basically lost because people are dicks and hate our genre for no logical reason, and lump what we do in with hate speech, material encouraging criminal acts, and materials depicting minors in sexual situations.

We're desperately searching for another publisher who is low-price and who will take explicit adult material.

This is where you come in.

I'd like to enlist your help finding an appropriate publisher. We're combing the net, but we haven't found anyplace with prices as good as the first place, which was around $5 a book for a 500 page 6x9 trade paperback. Right now we're looking at a place that's about $12 a book. Any place we can find that can beat that would be fantastic.

A lot of you have said "anything I can do to help." Well, this would be something you could do that would help a lot. If you have any self-publishing friends, maybe ask where they get their stuff done.

Just FYI, Sargon will be moderating comments on this entry and responding to stuff, since I've delegated this part of it to him.
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A very dear friend in Seattle, [ profile] snowcoma, is being evicted due to shitty circumstances, and needs to find a temporary home for Edward and Little Owl, her two super-sweet kitties, ASAP.

She will be taking them back once she has things sorted out, they're her babies, but she needs a place for them to stay until then. Like a week, maybe? Or even a couple three days?

I'm, like, two thousand miles away and there's not a damn thing I can do to help besides cuss and swear and send up the Catsignal, so . . . that's what I'm doing.

I am, once more, asking for basically a miracle, but if anyone can take them please sing out, or if you can spread the word, please do so. Email, Facebook, Tumblr, LJ, whatever, it's all good.

So, can I get a reblog?

Questions can be asked here, or in comments here, since she'll be reading.

Plz to halp?
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Help save the Lakota Sioux sacred homeland.

Pe' Sla is an area in the Black Hills of South Dakota (just west of Rapid City) that is considered by the Lakota people to be the Center and heart of everything that is. It is part of our creation story. It is a sacred place. We perform certain ceremonies at Pe' Sla which sustain the Lakota way of life and keep the universe in harmony. This area is currently owned by the Reynolds family.

They plan to auction off almost 2,000 acres on August 25, 2012 to the highest bidder. It is likely that the state of South Dakota will put a road directly through Pe' Sla and open up this sacred place for development.

The seven bands of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Oyate (people) aka Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) have a collective effort to buy as much of Pe'Sla as we can at this auction (although we also believe that the land cannot be owned and that our sacred places were illegally taken by the United States). Yet we are trying to work within the current U.S. laws to regain custody of our sacred sites and prevent future road and industrial development. Our sacred ways must be protected and passed on to our future generations so that our children may live.

The thing about Indiegogo that is cool is that if you don't make goal, you still get to keep the money. The site just takes a larger cut. So anything you donate WILL be used! Every little bit helps buy more of the contested land.

And I gotta say, I like the fact that most of the incentives are, basically, knowing that you did the right thing.

I only heard about this yesterday, and that's a shame, because I wish I had been able to boost the signal sooner. They are really short of their goal, but since they DO get most of the money this is not a cause for losing hope or for not helping out because it's "pointless." This is the opposite of pointless. This is helping. And it's important.

So spread the word. And give what there is to give, even if that's just a dollar.
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Best beloveds, if you are in need of very affordable jewelry, if there is someone in your life who is in need of a quick gift, please consider visiting [ profile] adelheide and taking a look at the jewelry she has to offer.

She has had to put her cat Nicky down unexpectedly, always a horrible choice to have to make, but this comes at an especially horrible time. She doesn't have the money to pay for all the vet bills AND her rent. She does sell some really beautiful jewelry, though, and it's crazy inexpensive.

Here is the latest update. There are these gorgeous earrings for $15, this lovely classic and simple pearl necklace for $25, and this nifty little red bracelet with a versatile look that could be dressy or formal.

Here is a link to some REALLY on-sale semi-precious stuff. Like this lovely necklace for freaking $15, or these absinthe lovelies for $23.

Here is more on-sale stuff. Including this freakin' gorgeous thing at only $20.

Here is a link to matching sets of suites of jewelry. This set is especially dreamy and can be yours for $25.

We are talking as low as five bucks for some pretty dang lovely earrings -- and I know I have some devoted earring wearers among my friends and readers -- so please take a look.

There are also a lot of beautiful necklaces, some just beads, but also some really bold, chunky necklaces that scream "WEAR ME WITH A BADASS COSTUME."

I will leave you to investigate, but I exhort you, please do go take a look, and maybe spread the link around. We all have to make that choice sometime, to let our little buddies go. It shouldn't, that pain, come with the additional burden of not being able to pay the fucking rent.

Also, if you know anyone who is hiring in the central Michigan area, she could use a hand finding work. She keeps sending out her resume and keeps getting told she is "overqualified." What the fuck?

I am shooing you now. Go. Look at pretty baubles!

Straight-up donations can go to adelheide10 at gmail dot com. Even five bucks, in this case, would help a lot, because her shortfall -- about $475 -- is totally within adds-up-quick range.
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So, several questions I have about this whole thing.

1) I have an appointment with a psychiatrist appointed by the disability folks, presumably to determine my relative level of crazy. I have no idea how to handle this to my best advantage. Obviously, I don't want to lie, but I do want to make sure that this person understands where I'm coming from and believes me.

So. Is there anything it would be helpful for me to bring? If so, what?

What questions will they ask that I will need to be prepared to answer?

They often ask questions framed in the present tense or about recent events. This is next to useless for me. How do I explain the fact that how I feel that day or this week or this month is not necessarily reflective of this thing as a whole and get them to really understand that?

Is there anything . . . gah . . . this is hard to articulate. Is there anything I can say that will make it more likely for them to listen to me? Again, I wouldn't lie, and I'm not even talking about "playing things up," but I want to know if there is stuff that they listen for or tend to weight more heavily than other stuff. I hope that makes sense. I have limited time with this person, and I want to make it count. In my favor. Heavily.

2) I don't have a history of hospitalization for mental health issues. I am super-grateful for this. Some people have told me that's a major liability, some people have told me that it's not an issue, and I'd really like some more opinions on this so I can know how much it is likely to hurt my case. There are certain things I will emphasize if I know that a lack of inpatient experience is going to count against me. Like the fact that I've deliberately avoided it like crazy because after what happened to a friend of mine when I was much younger, and after reading even positive accounts of what happens in a mental ward, I am literally (and justifiably) terrified of being locked up against my will. Even more terrified than I am by the thought of suicide. I probably should have been institutionalized at least twice, but I made sure that didn't happen, because I knew that it would not have helped me. I have safety nets in place to make sure I don't have to. People who will sit with me for a 24-hour watch if they have to. Anything to avoid that.

3) How worried do I need to be about these people combing through my life on the internet? I'm concerned that what I write here, on Facebook, whatever, might be used against me (I doubt it would be used in my favor). Do I need to worry about it before the ruling? Do I need to worry about it after, too? I really doubt it will affect how and what I write, but I would like to at least know if what I am putting out here is going to help or hurt me. I'm concerned mostly about my occasional brief stints of limited productivity making it look as though I am capable of full-time or even part-time work, which I absolutely am not.

. . .

Any other bits of advice for THIS stage of the thing? I am sure there's stuff that I'm not asking that I should be asking. I'd be really grateful if you'd help out.

Also, I'd be really grateful if you'd stay generally positive. I'm not feeling real great about this whole thing, and there's relatively little I can do to influence it, so rather than discuss ways in which I cannot affect the ruling and how hard all of this is, I'd rather focus on what I can do to help myself.
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WHAT: Temporary home for one very sweet cat!
WHERE: Buffalo, NY
WHO CAN HELP: Anyone in NY state area!

This comes via [personal profile] ashbet.

Yeah, so, [profile] foxfury is in a bad living situation with roommates who are treating her cat horribly. Like any of us would, Fox is moving the hell out of there, but has to make other living arrangements, and that takes time.

Someone needs to take the kitty, named Velvet, temporarily. Of course [profile] foxfury doesn't want to part with her forever, but will if that's the only way to get the kitty safe. No-kill shelters are an option, but, understandably, not one Fox wants to take. Velvet is her friend.

Here is a post where you can contact Fox. They're watching comments and answering questions.

Fox's email is available on their profile, or they can be contacted via LJ PM.

I don't have pics at this time, so assume that she is adorable, and that she looks very, very sad right now. She is poking you with one very soft paw, and could use a snuggle.

She's a panther kitty, like Etrigan. She has clearly mastered the dubious "do not touch my yarn ball" stare.

Can I get a signal boost on this, if you have friends in NY, friends of friends who are in NY, or even one reader? This is one kitty in a bad, sad situation that might get worse, and the home is temporary. I think this is doable very quickly if we can reach the right people. I've told Fox we can help. Let's do that.

Can you help? Link!

(Fox, darlin', I don't have a pronoun for you. I apologize for any awkward wording.)
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Hey everyone!

Momo the kitteh needs her other kitty titty surgery! The first one went well! Now for the other half!

Luckily there's a fundraising page right here!

Paypal donations, if you prefer those, can go to Questions and so forth can go to the same address. She's offering to draw for people, too, so go check it out!

Also, she has a Tumblr, at which address you can see the cuteness for yourself. Reblogging from there would be totally easy.

Spread the word around, eh? She's so adorable and looks like such a total sweetheart. I want to snorgle her! We're trying to get the word out and around, because even a bunch of really small donations would help! The surgery isn't all that expensive, really, and I think that it's totally achievable.
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Ashbet's asked me to signal-boost for her good friend, whose (frankly awesome-sounding) cat Fluffy is in need of some diagnostic care. He might have cancer, but they don't know yet, and they need to get him to an oncologist.

He looks like a crabby cartoon cat, but is actually really sweet:

So if you can help out, that would be awesome. Signal boosting would also be much appreciated. Fluff's an adult cat but is by no means ready to go, and probably has a lot of good years left in him if he can be helped through this. He's a fighter, and he wants very much to live. If he has any time left in him at all, I'd like to give him and his owner that time. I was not ready to lose Tazendra at sixteen years. I could not have handled losing her at twelve. That is too soon. It is always too soon, but seriously, four years? That's a lot of snuggles.

I signal-boost for kitties like this all the time because I love my cats so much, and I know how devastated I would be if the only thing between me and saving them was money. I know how much these people care about their pets, and how meaningful our furry friends are to all of us who have them, and even though sometimes I feel like I post more "help kitties" posts than update posts, I can't find it in myself to say "No, not today, too tired, too depressing." I can't send money, so I send word along. It is the least I can do.

Y'all have been great about it in the past, and I can't say how much I appreciate that. There may come a day -- uhh, there may come a day pretty soon -- when I need to call in those favors and prevail upon you again, since Etrigan is sick again with what looks like pneumonia, and potentially going to remain nearly perpetually sick with something due to his asthma. I am glad he is with us because we love him just like he is and will never ever give up on him or throw him away just because of money or inconvenience. And I am glad he has friends like y'all, who have been so great to other kitties in the past.

We just have to try to do right by one another, and that means trying to do right by one another's friends.
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So, Lapis over on LJ has found a beautiful but starving-thin kitty. Being a decent person, she has brought her inside and is feeding her, but she's already overloaded with fosters, can't afford the vetting or the room, and this girl really needs extra loving attention.

She's so thin that Lapis is aware -- as am I -- that she must be kept from the pound, or she will be put down. (As I am only too aware from my personal life, the triage enforced by limited resources is cruelest to those most in need.) We've got about a week to find her a foster home or a forever home within 4-5 hours of Dallas (or within 4-5 hours of someone willing to drive her further), and I really think we can do it.

She's a complete darling, not feral but apparently someone's unwanted house pet. She's rail-thin, terribly sweet, and is eating and using the litter box normally. She doesn't appear unhealthy in any other way, but will need veterinary attention for a little while, to give her a checkup or two and get her vaccinated if nothing else.

If you can help out, you can email Lapis at: lapiskelinia at gmail

From the post:

Normally I would foster a cat like this until she was both healthy and adopted, but my hands are too full at this time. I just don't have the capacity, and my vet bills are already stretched to the max with my own cats, and the other most recent foster. I'm asking for help to get this cat to either a forever home or a foster who is able to give her the time she needs to regain strength and body mass before going into the adoption network. Please help her! She is clearly not a feral, but a lost or dumped housecat. I will be calling the local shelters for lost cats in the morning because the holiday weekend will be over. She is equally torn between desires of food and wanting cuddles. Case in point, she fell asleep in my arms tonight. I have about a week before I have to take her to the pound, where I doubt she'll be given recovery time before getting a needle.

I am feeding her graduated amounts so she does not get sick, and already see a difference. So far she has not exhibited gorge behaviors. She is more vocal, and you can feel her stomach and intestines now. (How horrible that she is that starved to have virtually no muscle mass!) It took about 20 hours, but she started using the litter box. Tomorrow I will buy her some kitten chow, which will help supplement her.

So far she has not exhibited any obvious bad habits. She has pretty copper-yellow eyes, a strong voice which she seldom uses, and a beautiful silver-blue tabby coat with hints of peach. Once healthy, she would be a stunning cat, and sweetly dispositioned. I have no idea how she handles other cats since I'm not exposing her to mine since she hasn't been to a vet yet, but so far she perks up when she hears them calling at the door but does not growl or get tense.

If anyone has the interest in offering her a forever home or fostering her until she gets adopted, *please* let me know. I cannot do more, since I don't have the space. But if you know anyone who can give a nice cat a second chance, pass on the information. I am willing to drive up to 4-5 hours (which is a good radius centered on Dallas) to see that she gets help.

She is really beautiful, even as pitiful as she is. Can anyone take her in for a while longer, while a forever home is found? Or can anyone take her, period? Because someone out there needs this pretty girl as much as she needs them, and I would like to help them find each other. I would like this to be a rats-to-riches story. Let's make it happen.

Can I get signal boosts?

If you have questions or need more information, head over and read the rest of the story. I'll be forwarding comments over to her, so if you have questions, it's probably best to ask 'em there, but I'll try to make sure that everything gets where it needs to go!

You can also email her at: lapiskelinia at gmail.
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Question for people who have experience with Amazon's Kindle publishing platform.

I uploaded Pride and Prostitutes to Amazon's KDP.

I listed it under both of our names.

The book is there in Amazon's marketplace. You can search for it, and you can buy it.

When I go into the guts of the KDP, it is not there among the other books I have listed.

I do not have an Amazon account under any other email address.

I checked under my husband's email address, and it is not there either. That address had never been used to log into the KDP.

I have tried resetting my password as described in this link. It still did not appear.

Where did my book go and how can I find it? I need to be able to administer it, obviously, and I am really, really concerned that my intellectual property has fallen into "limbo" and will be unretrievable. Obviously, I cannot comfortably register any new books with Amazon until this is resolved.

Please advise.

If you know anyone who has experience with the KDP, please consider forwarding this to them. I could really use an answer on this.


* I have emailed their customer service department with this, but if I can resolve it faster than they can get back to me, I'd be really pleased.

* Please don't tell me to stay out of Amazon's pool. Not helpful or relevant.

* I know that Amazon is evil, and that their customer service sucks. Pointing this out is also not helpful. Please try to be constructive.
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Now, an AWESOME plea for halp!

The wonderful Cecilia Tan at Circlet Press cannot find an appropriate dominant woman/submissive man image on the stock photo sites, and is hoping to get some help.


Help me find cover art for a gorgeous book about a dominant woman and her male submissive!

So, Circlet Press will be publishing a book very soon called The Viscountess Investigates by Cameron Quintain. It’s an erotic mystery in a BDSM fantasy world which intersects our own, in which a dominant woman (the Viscountess) and her submissive (the aptly named Severin) are a detective team who must move through the various BDSM “dominions” (alternate universes reached through a kind of S/M-based magic) to search for a killer.

It’s a smart book, very sexy, with touches of victoriana, leather culture, and many many sf/fantasy references. Most importantly, its main characters are not young fluffy porn models.

The search for a cover photograph or image has so far proved fruitless. Most of the stuff out there with any kind of BDSM theme is of 18-year-old girls with teased hair and blue eyeshadow in collars and PVC. Um, no.

What I would love is something like:
- a tasteful image of a woman’s boot-clad leg, being kissed by a worshipful male submissive
- a shot of her leather gloved hands, one holding a whip/flogger and one a Sherlock-Holmes-style magnifying glass
- A woman in Victorian dress with a man (clothed or no) kneeling at her feet

Now, you’d think a photo of a man kissing a shoe or boot wouldn’t be too hard to find in stock photo sites, but it’s just a barren wasteland.

Our budget is not huge, but I can offer up to $50 for use of an image if someone has one to sell me the rights to. It needs to be 300 dpi and a minimum of 6×6″ in size (6×9″ is ideal, but we can deal with other aspect ratios). Suggestions, pointers, artist friends, please send them my way. Thank you!

Oh, golly, people, this is a terrible problem. There is arse out there for this sort of imagery, worse on stock photo sites.

Do you have any photographer friends who do slightly sexy work who might be interested in doing a good deed? If any of you have applicable skills, would you please consider it? They can't pay all that much, no, but Circlet do really, really important work publishing erotica that pushes boundaries of genre and content, and this book sounds positively fucking kickass, and I wanna read it right this second.

We need to get a cover on this sucker!

Who can help?
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Another plea for help, but this one is furry and SO CUTE.

Due to things being shitty for just about everyone at this point, a good friend of mine is having to move to a place where he can't take his two kittens.

Six month old Siamese mixes, all shots, altered, snuggly.

If you can take them, email Rob at imm_rama at hotmail. Otherwise, make people come look at these pictures! Seriously, holy crap, you guys, these little furballs are the cutest things!

This is Dwezil. LOOK AT THIS FACE:


Total Casanova right there. OMG, so pretty! I would LOVE to take him myself. And I mean that. From his slightly floofy tail, he's going to have the kind of silky-soft mid-length bunny fur that Tazendra had, long fur that needs no real maintenance, but gratifies with every snorgle. Best of both worlds.

And this is Moon Unit:


PRECIOUS. Complete heartbreaker, that one.

Having seen many, many cats in my time, I can tell you that these guys will be stunning once they reach their full growth. I wish I could take them, and the only thing stopping me, money be damned, is the current level of inter-cat hostility already present in this house.

According to my friend:

They are Siamese mix kittens, a boy and a girl, litter mates, and they will be six months old on March 9th. They have been spayed and neutered and have had their shots through Spay OK. They are very affectionate lap-kitties and will make wonderful pets for good homes. I need to place them just as quickly as possible and would really appreciate any help you can give. I've attached their pictures and hope I can place them where they will be loved and well treated. IMG 0578 is Dwezil, he's the boy and is about average size for his age. I think he is going to be more of a long-hair with a long fluffy tail and a cute little beauty mark by his nose. IMG 0586 is Moon Unit. She is much smaller and has the typically Siamese short, sleek coat. Fortunately neither has the annoying Siamese meow. They are both very sweet.

This is killin' me here! Could y'all spread the word? Oklahoma area people especially? This is a good friend in a rotten situation and I want to make this as not-sucktastic for him and his babies as I can.

If you can help, email Rob at imm_rama at hotmail! Or you can email me at naamah at gmail, but all I can really do is forward it.
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I'm going to ask y'all for a favor.

Please, please, please spread the word about this:

Paypal Strongarms Indie Ebook Publishers Over Erotic Content

Because, y'all? I have seen zero people, zero, on my f-list talk about it. Two people on Facebook. Granted, I've been dealing with this shit while very upset and my memory is not the greatest on the best of days, so I might have missed something, but still, this is unacceptable. Y'all care. I know you do. So please spread the word. If you can't do anything else, cut and paste and link back here.

I have been so tired, and so demoralized, and so, so hoping that someone else would have the spoons to speak up about this, to start the push back. Hoping that big-name authors would take notice, would care, would make the articulate, well-researched, exhaustively linked posts that help get people centered around an issue . . . the kind of posts that I am too busy just trying to survive to make in a timely fashion. And it's not happening. No letter-writing campaigns, no petitions, no call to arms.

Folks, that call to arms needs to happen. This is going to really hurt people like me, like my husband, who make our money writing erotica that brushes up against the bars. And by hurt, I mean this is how we pay for our heat, this is how we pay for our food, this is how we pay for my medication, this is how we scrape by. I don't mean "This is how we pay for our research vacations to Brazil." I am talking the basics of survival, here. I am not fucking around.

And if you don't give a shit about one crazy pornographer in the middle of nowhere, well, okay, fine. Be selfish. No, really. This will affect you. It has the potential to affect everyone. Every reader, every writer, if their interests verge even a little bit into grey territory.

And folks? A tremendous amount of fiction goes there. Stories and novels and anthologies by popular and award-winning authors like Neil Gaiman and Terri Windling and Laurell K. Hamilton and Sarah Monette and Cat Valente and on and on A through fucking Z would be right the fuck out. Also, the Bible. Not that I personally give a flying fuck, but it's ironically on the list of shit that you couldn't buy through PayPal, if they had to adhere to their own rules.

Mark Coker's first email from Smashwords explained:

Today we are modifying our Terms of Service to clarify our policies regarding erotic fiction that contains bestiality, rape and incest. . . .

I've had multiple conversations with PayPal over the last several days to better understand their requirements. Their team has been helpful, forthcoming and supportive of the Smashwords mission. I appreciate their willingness to engage in dialogue. Although they have tried their best to delineate their policies, gray areas remain.

Their hot buttons are bestiality, rape-for-titillation, incest and underage erotica.

Which all sounds pretty indefensible, but:

A) It's all ill-defined.

  • This applies to all incest, including step-relations, and is so ill-defined that it might apply to distant cousins. Goodbye, realistic depictions of inbreeding in noble families throughout history.

  • This applies to all "rape for titillation," which is so ill-defined that it might apply to romance-novel bodice-ripping, and it applies to all "non-consensual BDSM" which, while that should certainly be illegal in real life, is also ill-defined, and might be stretched to cover all sorts of situations. I'm personally into BDSM in real life and I can tell you that most people are remarkably closed-minded about BDSM and have demonstrated a particularly atrocious track record at recognizing that there even is a distinction between consensual and nonconsensual BDSM. People who don't like it don't like it in any form, and they will try to shove it all into the box marked "rape."

  • This applies to all "bestiality," which specifically excludes fully-shifted shapeshifters and is furthermore so ill-defined that it might apply to gorgons, centaurs, sphinxes, and other mythical beasts that possess animal or partially animal bodies and human-level consciousness.

    B) We have to defend the indefensible, even if we do not like it. I don't care if it is the absolute worst and most horrible thing you have ever seen in your life, it is not PayPal's job to tell us what we can and cannot do with our money. If it is not against the law to buy or create it in the United States, i.e., if it is protected under freedom of speech, nobody has the right to tell us that we cannot create it or sell it or buy it. Not PayPal, not the banks, not Santa Claus, nobody.*

  • This started with Smashwords. I want to be clear, here, that Smashwords is not the villain, and Mark Coker has been working tirelessly to achieve some sort of détente whereby we can all carry on and profit without too much disruption. He despises the idea of censorship, but severing relations with PayPal would take time, and some sort of solution must be found in the meantime so that authors, who need to get paid by Smashwords, can keep selling. He is doing exactly the right thing, and I fully support his approach.

    It started with Smashwords, but it won't end with Smashwords.

    True, the big-name authors that you are likely to care about far more than you care about me and the rest of my porn-spewing ilk mostly don't publish through Smashwords, though some make their backlist available there. No, you probably aren't paying through PayPal when you buy their books. But this isn't just about who-gives-a-shit indie authors writing their dirty stepdaddy porn.

    It is about PayPal. PayPal says this is the banks' fault. That it's the banks putting pressure on them, so they're pressuring Smashwords and other indie outfits. And if that's true, we have a major fucking problem, because banks should not and cannot be allowed to do that. If that's true, that connection needs to be dragged into the light so that everyone can see it for what it is.

    Even if it's not true and it's just some asshole at PayPal with a burr up his ass, we have a major fucking problem. PayPal is huge, and the revenue streams for thousands of independent artists and authors get funneled through it. If they start telling us what we can and cannot put out there to sell, what we can and cannot buy, well . . . if you can't see there's a huge problem there, I honestly don't know if I can help you, and you might want to just go lie down for a while and hope the denseness passes.

    So I am asking you: please spread the word, please get people talking about this, please keep your readers, even if there are only two, abreast of this issue. And please, if you're an author with one of the big publishing houses, please, please post about this. In fact, if you know such an author, please ask them to post about it.

    I am not advocating spamming authors. I don't want to make people mad. But I want this exposed. I want people talking about this. I want acknowledgement from big-name authors that this shit matters, and I want to know that they are behind us, the way we have been behind them as fans and fellow authors.

    I am just asking that if you have a means of politely contacting them and asking them to weigh in on the issue, you do so. Twitter is good, comments are good, emails are good. Whatever, even if it's just a retweet. Please.

    This is not just about incestuous underage dog-rape porn, okay? Who the hell would rally to protect that? Nobody. Which is the problem, here. People glance at the issue and they see indefensible garbage, and they move on.

    That is a smokescreen! This is not about that crap. This is about people with no familiarity with genre fiction, with erotica, with the outer boundaries of sexual fantasy, being allowed to dictate how we express ourselves. This is about those people deciding where the line gets drawn between okay and not okay. This is not a new thing, though this crackdown is new, a new push against "obscene" content that previously nobody gave a shit about. They've already proven that they decide where the line is and that they can move it anytime they like; that they are doing this represents a shifting of that line. This is about being told what we can and cannot publish, and can and cannot buy. It affects everyone. And that should scare the shit out of you.

    And while we're at it, let's discuss that indefensible incestuous underage dog-rape porn. It's sick, and I don't write it, and I don't want to read it, and if a given indie self-pub outlet wants to say "we will not allow people to publish that through us" I suppose I am very grudgingly okay with that. But if a bank – and that is really how PayPal works, as a bank for e-commerce – wants to tell me that I cannot buy that stuff, THAT IS NOT OKAY. I will spend my money any goddamned fucking way I see fit. They have crossed the line. We need to unfuck this situation.

    And, final note, we need to discuss how to support independent authors and artists through this, because boycotting PayPal is going to hurt us. Frankly, I have no idea how to go about this, I am barely able to keep my own head above water, let alone think long and hard about how to fix the sinking ship, but I sure as shit hope that we can. I'm willing to suffer for the cause, yes, but I am not willing to go without my drugs for however long this would take to settle out. So we need to be talking about how to take care of one another, how to support each other, while still effecting change.

    I entered into the devil's bargain with PayPal because I had no other choice. No, you in the back smugly stroking your sense of superiority through your fashionably unfashionable pants, I did not have another choice. I needed, and still need, to make money, and that means 1) getting my stuff in front of people and 2) making it easy for those people to pay me for it. That is what sites like Etsy and Smashwords do. They make it easy for me to get my stuff out there and get it sold and get myself paid. As I have said repeatedly over the past few days, I cannot afford to abstain on principle. They are a luxury I am too poor and too screwed and too uninsured and too mentally ill to afford. I don't make much off my bargain with this company, but I need every fucking penny of it. So much so that I am terrified that if I post this, PayPal will suspend my account as punishment. Because I can't afford for that to happen. I need the security they allow me to provide for myself.

    What I do not need? This five-day headache with PayPal's name on it. The indifference of people – big-name, small-name, no-name – whose voices, if raised, could maybe make a difference. The assumption that indie publishing isn't important and that stuff put out through independent channels isn't any good and that I must, therefore, be trying to defend something worthless and indefensible. The assumption that this is only about indie publishing, and the assumption that this is only about porn – really sick porn at that.

    This is about freedom, and for some of us, it is about survival.

    Paypal email addresses and phone numbers, should you wish to talk about this with someone there. This is old info -- if anyone has anything better, I will post that instead -- but it's better than the on-site contact stuff, which is routed through overseas response centers. Please speak out, BE POLITE, be articulate, be reasonable, and be firm.

    FYI, I will be moderating comments on this post with a heavy hand. I doubt it will be necessary, but I want productive conversation, not bickering. If you don't agree that this is a problem, I ask politely that you move on. We've nothing to say to one another.

    Also, yes, I swear a lot. If you feel inclined to say that this is hurting my case, I invite you to think very carefully about the core of this issue, and what relevance it may have to what you are about to say.

    * I am not arguing with anyone about whether or not PayPal has the right, as a private company, to make up bullshit rules. They technically do, but they have a virtual monopoly on payments made through the internet, they are deeply connected to the big banks, and allowing them to do this sets a hideously dangerous precedent. If the government cannot censor or suppress "obscene" content without those uppity free-speechers getting all riled up, well, private companies can do it. Right? Yeah. I'm not on board with that.
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    Okay. This shit sucks.

    Because of Paypal's new regulations about what we are allowed to purchase for our own use, Smashwords -- quite against their will -- is forcing authors to pull all titles that have real or simulated incest, bestiality including fully-shifted shapeshifters, and "rape for titillation" which if enforced by assholes could conceivably cover rape play between consenting adults and romance-novel ravishment.

    They will begin enforcing this on Tuesday. I am going to hold off on pulling my books until the last minute, but they will be coming down from Smashwords on Monday. Hopefully temporarily, but at this point, I really don't know.

    So if you want them from Smashwords, grab them now. Here's a list. When the books are also available on Amazon, I have linked to that, too. I'm very sorry I haven't organized coupon codes and such. I hope you understand that, even if it's only fifty cents' worth of difference, that's half an antidepressant, and that's not small change to me. This revenue stream may be drying up completely, I don't know, so I'm going to take what I can get, while I can get it.

    Witches' Mark
    , a paranormal romance, and one of the better things I've written. Witchcraft, pretty boys, and hot, hot sex. It also contains what could, if you were an asshat, be considered "rape for titillation" in the form of ravishment. Everyone had a good time, but still, I don't want my account fucking suspended, so down it comes until we get it taken care of. It's on Amazon, if you want to buy it there.

    Pride and Prostitutes
    , a Western with a steampunk feel to it. Like Zorro, with tits and mad science. Sargon wrote the lion's share of this one, and it is fucking awesome. This one has simulated incest ("Call me Daddy.") and a little light twincest. It's a negligible part of the plot, easy to overlook if it's not your thing, and it could be removed, and we are considering all those things, but I don't know how fast we will be able to put it back up. This will be your last chance to get it from Smashwords for a while. Also available on Amazon.

    Hour of the Gryphon
    , a fantasy novella about a young woman who joins the army as a man in order to serve her house and her general. The BDSM content is strong with this one. This one contains ravishment, coercion, BDSM (I said it twice so you get the idea), and the main characters are, like, cousins that have only met once, because that's what noble goddamn families are like. It's also available on Amazon.

    , a contemporary erotica short story with a tattoo theme. This one won't be affected by the TOS changes in any way. Available at Amazon.

    The End of Memory
    , a dark and slightly erotic little tale originally penned for The Edge of Propinquity guest quarters. Again, not affected by the TOS. This one isn't on Amazon yet.

    I prefer sales through Smashwords because I get a larger cut, but I will take sales from anywhere. Reviews are really, really helpful, especially on Amazon.

    Note the first: Smashwords is not the villain in this. Until we see how they handle this, try not to blame them for this fuckery. It is Paypal's fault.

    Note the second: Paypal is evil and bad and ruined Christmas for orphans. Amazon is bad and evil and destroyed brick and mortar bookstores and censors search rankings and pulls books arbitrarily. I know this. Please don't link me to things explaining just how bad it is.

    Yes, buying through Smashwords will give Paypal more money. Yes, buying through Amazon will give Amazon more money. Personally, I would love to stop using Paypal/Amazon altogether, but I don't have a choice about using Paypal to take payments from Smashwords or Etsy. I need the storefront and publicity and order-tracking services that these sites provide. I literally cannot do it all myself. I need the income from Etsy and Smashwords, and from Paypal donations and subscriptions to I don't just mean "need it a little bit." I mean this is what we are eating with, heating our house with, buying meds with.

    I realize youall are a principled bunch, and you know I fully support that and laud that, but I am too poor to afford principles in this, and I am not alone in being pretty reliant upon things I'd rather not rely upon. So I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say "Just stop using Paypal/Smashwords/Amazon." That is not an option.

    I'd also appreciate it if you didn't stop supporting me, or other independent authors and writers who are way more likely to need the two bucks than Paypal/Smashwords/Amazon will be to miss it. That will buy a couple of my pills, which helps me immediately. Taking it away from Paypal won't make a difference to them in the short term. I'll move to something better when I can, but that takes money and resources -- both physical and emotional -- to do. Right now I can't afford to go to the fucking doctor, let alone set up an online storefront and dedicated website, and do all the managing that comes with that. I need to be working, not administering.

    Note the third: Now? Now would be a freaking fantastic time for you to subscribe to Adventurotica. Shit doesn't get censored there. Please, please consider it, and if you know anyone who likes genre fiction and erotica, maybe point them our way?

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us. We didn't need this roadblock.
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    Guys, I hate to flog it in public like this, but I'm in a bit of a pickle.

    I just chipped two teeth -- by closing my mouth, I know, I should be more careful -- which means a dentist's visit, and probably around $300 in repairs and x-rays (I am guessing; can't get a real quote until I can call my dentist tomorrow morning).

    I also need to go see my regular doc and get bloodwork done, and bring up the rage-y episodes I've been having. That's another $150 right there. And I'd like to see a psych and get my meds professionally evaluated, because if I'm having rage like that, clearly there is a problem.

    There's also other stuff that I'm not going to talk about yet, but that needs attention urgently; I can't say more than "It's really, really fucking important."

    It's a bunch of shit hitting all at once, and I didn't need it, and I can't afford it all, even with the sale I had last week and folks' generous purchases.


    You can join up over at Adventurotica! The new serial is still rockin' along!

    Also, I'm extending the 15% off sale at Morningstar Hall.

    Enter code XMAS2011 at checkout to get 15% off all purchases at!

    Maps 01 logo

    Pirate maps are still buy two or more, get envelopes to go with each.

    I will be making these to order, so it will take a little longer to get stuff painted up and ribboned up and sent out.

    You can also donate directly with the PayPal button below, which is incredibly welcome.

    As incentive, if you buy something or donate and comment to let me know you did (so I can keep track and also have an easy way to notify you) I will put your name in a feathery pirate hat, recite a pirate rhyme, and draw a winner. The winner gets one of these in their choice of color:

    Deluxe 1

    Deluxe 3

    I will draw on Wednesday, December 14.

    It's one of my full-sized fairy jewels, with seed beads strung along the whorls. I haven't offered one of these for sale, just made them for family and friends, so you'll be getting something there aren't many of. I have nine colors available, so there's plenty of love to go around.

    Do I need to mention, I have lots of these guys' little siblings in my shop, waiting to make someone you love very happy every time they look at it? Yes?

    ALL the shinies!


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