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Indiegogo has changed how they do things.  Now we won't be getting the money as the campaign goes along, but all in a lump at the end, which leaves us with nothing to live on in the meantime.  So, we're launching this campaign, but will also be running a fundraiser through Gofundme or Youcaring or something to cover stuff like rent for this month.  Just so you know.  But we'll need your support on both.  This hit us unexpectedly and so we weren't prepared for it at all.

There are other announcements, but for now, I'm gonna leave you with this:

Masks and Madams is the long-awaited sequel to Pride & Prostitutes, our very first Adventurotica novel from 2010.

In 1884, Dolores "Dolly" Pride was drawn into her twin sister Delilah's exciting life of adventure, action, and sex.  The proper wife of Sheriff Hawk Pride, she was forced to impersonate her sister when she went missing, and learned to be a madam, as well as the masked avenger known as The Black Lash.

Now, a year later, Dolly and Delilah happily share the position of Madam, and they both ride the night as the Black Lash - righting wrongs and defending the innocent in frontier Kansas.  But now an international convocation of madams is coming in San Francisco, and Delilah cannot go, as she has evil to root out at home.  So Dolly will go in her place, meet madams from all over the world, and face the evil of Professor Von Draco and his designs upon the West - and the World!

FINALLY, the sequel!


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