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See, I promised [ profile] bat_cheva that I would post this, so I guess this is inaug- inargur- inaguar- big word. Inaugural. Or something.

My gaming comrades [ profile] bat_cheva, Tony, and I are playing a group of powerful yet dangerously incompetent newbie superheroes. Sargon is the filthy sadist Game Master and director of all Non-Player Characters.

So, [ profile] bat_cheva plays Bianca/MissFire. (Sorry, Firewing/Flame Angel/have we decided?) She's a pyrokinetic and causer of great collateral damage.

Tony is Cole, AKA \m/MetalLORD\m/, a ferrokinetic who is probably insane.

I'm playing Creed, or WarHog, a foulmouthed paranoiac janitor ex-con who was mutated into a radioactive pig-man (see icon by [ profile] missmonstermel). Dashingly handsome, hates Coldplay.

Natalie is a non-player character speedster drama queen smart chick who recently broke up with Creed by dragging him into the middle of the desert and leaving him there to wander until he got lost in space and time.

Alison is a berserker Amazon NPC with green hair and nonexistent impulse control; she is the only person crazy enough to sleep with Cole, and vice-versa. She used to be a secretary. I think that too much phone time is why she's so hostile.

Between us we are . . . the Masters of Disaster.

I've been keeping track of Quotes of the Week, because holy shit, this is better than Buffy. I haven't posted them, for which I got nudged, so . . . [ profile] bat_cheva wants a list, she gets a list. In chronological order, even.

Bianca: "No, Mommy, No! Not the turkey hat!" (The things people say when they're coming to. We were all more innocent, then.)

Bianca: "I'm inherently hostile toward the pterodactyl." (You would be, too. There were death rays.)

Bianca: "It's a giant pig dong. How can they MISS IT?" (This is why I miss my stretchy pants.)

Creed: "Nah, I think Natalie goes more for the PhD type."
Cole: "That rules you out, dude."
Creed: "What? I got my GED. They just don't let you put that after your name."

Cole: "Taste the flaming fist of justice!"
Creed: "Well, actually, just sorta sniff it as it goes by."

Cole: "I just wanna go on record as saying that next time we go to an archive, I wanna go to the PARTY archive, not the DOOMSDAY archive." (Dude, the Chantilly Rose was the party archive. We left it to come back to the future because you wanted to check your email or something. Not my idea.)

Bianca: "If I can get washed off and burst into flame, I can take care of the damn penis!" (She did, too. Give uncle Scrotor a hug!)

Creed: "Oh, god, it's a penis that can dodge!"
GM: "Fuck that, it's a penis with stats." (This is why you never let Sargon run a game with you in it. At least there were no death rays mounted on the penis.)

Cole: "I'm a buzzsaw of . . ." *rolls percentiles to attack* "97!" (We call him "Dr. 95" for a reason. We have a theme song, but we do not have a greatest hits album.)

Cole (after enormous fight): "Where's Natalie?"
Bianca: "Do we pretend to care?"
Creed: "Shit, she knows our secrets!"
Bianca: "Yeah, shit, we'd better care."

Alison: "You've got a sarcophagus, you might as well put a head in it."

Creed: "Words I love to hear: 'like primordial ooze.'"
Ilsa: "Indeed, is fresh new hell, yes?"

Alison: "An ear is just an ear. Two ears is just a couple of ears. But three ears is a collection." (Don't worry. She's not one of those . . . amputators.)

Cole, speaking for all gamers everywhere: "Dude, bring on the tentacles, I got 4 hit points." (Remember that primordial ooze, dude?)

I may as well just start posting these as they happen, since catch-up is a bitch. Before I go, a few good ones from just Sargon and me, put down for my own amusement:

Art/Captain Rogue: "He's a thousand years old?" *sigh* "If there's one thing that will make me question your character, it's not dying when you're supposed to."

Lex: "Arrrrgh! I'm surrounded by incompetence! . . . Let's get ice cream."

Constantine: "Hmm, yes. There is some really delicate seat-of-the-pants science bullshit going on here, and we have to blow it up." (As life philosophies go, this is pretty good.)


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