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That was an interesting visit.

The doctor, henceforth called "Boots," spent about half an hour discussing options and likely treatments with me. In the end, I elected the way of pain to begin with the least invasive option and work up from there. So: the Mirena IUD. And it frankly shocked the hell out of me when he indicated he could try to put it in today if I was comfortable with that. Which, not wanting to fuck with multiple appointments, I was.

Cut for anatomy. )

I am not in any real pain right now, but I am getting the occasional unpleasant sensation from down below, and if I move around my body tells me to go lay down right now. I think the latter may just be aftereffects from nerves, which were making me shake so badly in the waiting room that I couldn't read the book I was holding.

Anyway, the micro-doses the Mirena delivers directly to the uterine tissue will, in theory, lessen my periods significantly and hopefully eliminate them, without giving me any of the horrifying emotional effects of hormone pills. I know as many people this has worked for as people it has not worked for, so I am totally willing to give it some time to do its thing.

We did not discuss diagnostics in detail at this time. I will return to that issue with him the next time I see him, if we deem it necessary. It's probably either fucked hormones or fibroids, and neither condition will be worsened by this or kill me if left alone. Even with a diagnosis of either, we would be doing this same damn thing. If it stops this bleeding shit, I will happily leave it at that until menopause.

Overall, this guy was incredibly smart. He was on the team that studied the effectiveness of uterine ablation and discovered at the same time that the Mirena reduces excessive bleeding. Interesting story there. In short, he's the best damn GYN in the state, which I knew before I went to see him. For the sorts of things he does (ablation, sterilization, that sort of thing) he is one of the three most highly-trained guys in the country.

I have finally found a decent doctor, I think.

Doc Boots is very gentle and kind, he has soft hands, he's sweet, he listens and believes everything I say.

Extra-cool? The clinic attached to the Planned Parenthood he works at apparently provides extensive medical services for low-income women, including low-cost/free sterilization. I did not talk to him about this, didn't have time, but that information came from the website and from stuff in the waiting room. Next time I see him I will definitely be pestering him for more information about that. I don't need it, really, but there are lots of people who do.

But how cool is it that this guy is so passionate about health care -- good health care -- for poor women? The facility is also pretty Spanish-friendly. I really like this guy. He cares about women, and that is obvious.

I am still exhausted from the stress of the whole thing. It's not even a voluntary reaction, it's a stupid instinctive physical thing that I can't control, and it pisses me off. All I can do is go easy on myself and assume that next time, my lizard brain will remember that this wasn't so bad and will stop telling me to run away.

Thanks, everyone, for your support. Last night and this morning truly did suck, because anxiety is like that. Thanks, too, to the lovely friends who offered to go with me. If I had known there was going to be that kind of pain involved, I would have accepted, but I didn't know, and that turns out to have been okay anyway.

Thus I continue in my tradition of being stupidly proud of myself for doing shit that other adults do all the time.


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