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Winterstar 01

Here's Winterstar! Been trying to get good pics of her for ages now.

I shared these on Patreon the other day, but I wanted to share them here, too, so I can encourage you to sponsor in and support these ponies. Even a dollar helps. Five is great. I'd like to get a little more comfortably above the $400 mark this month.

Winterstar 02

She started out as a G3 Rarity with really ratty hair and some symbol rubs, but good body color and no staining. Perfect bait pony.

Winterstar 03

I rehaired her in Sugarplum and Virgin Snow Dollyhair nylon. The Sugarplum has this neat matte texture to it. It was interesting to work with. A little stiffer and a little more "grabby".

Winterstar 04

She has stars on both sides of her butt.

Winterstar 05

One is extra sparkly with a big Swarovski right on her patoot.

Winterstar 06

I think the gazillion tiny stars came out really nicely. She reminds me of G1 Twilight although while I was painting her the similarities in color and theme didn't occur to me.

Winterstar 07

Her butt.

I just wanted this crazy random scatter of stars and I think I did okay. The trees around her legs were fun to paint.

Winterstar 08

Love her pearly horn.

Winterstar 09

My favorite part: she has a little bear on her rear right heel, leaning up to nose at a star.

Winterstar has a backstory! It involves a fallen star and a very large bear and rather a lot of snow. If you want to see it, you can hit up my Patreon. That particular creation is right here.

If you want to signal boost her on Tumblr, here she is!

Thank you, everyone.  <3

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Things are chugging along on the pony Patreon!

Thanks for making January a great first month! I never expected this level of response, and all I can do is give you a wholehearted thank you for coming along for the ride.

Here's what we accomplished:

Jan. 01: HYAH! We launched on New Year's Day! A total of 16 patrons in a 24-hour period!
Jan. 01: Flurry and Snowdrift! First finished photo shoot available for patrons only.
Jan. 02: RESTOCK! Blew past goal #1 in under a day! I now have a monthly budget for new hair, fresh paint, and all sorts of little extras! Incredible!
Jan. 03: OH BABY! Soared over goal #2! There's gonna be a mama and baby pony! My internet bill is covered!
Jan. 18: STYLIN'! There's gonna be a 9" Styling Size pony! Cruised past goal #3 with 39 patrons! Internet and electricity are paid.
Total: $407 a month, 41 patrons, 100% awesome! Internet and electricity bills are paid.

Finished projects:
Flurry and Snowdrift!

Finished but not photographed:
Wishin' Weeds
Sir William Thatcher/Ulrich von Lichtenstein

Resources and Links:
Lemonchicken font from Crack-a-Jack Studios.
Montez font by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute.
Great Vibes font from TypeSETit.
Frost texture brushes from Redheadstock on DeviantArt.
As always, hair comes from
Swarovski rhinestones from
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Things are evening out -- the kind-of-awful thing is that this doesn't affect us day-to-day much at all, because we didn't see his parents more than a few times a year.

It's still a Thing to deal with, and I feel frustrated and awkward a lot, because there's nothing I can really offer to anyone in the way of fixing it.  So I try to stay out of the way, mostly, and try to be available to the extent that it won't tear down what stability I've built.

So I sit here and work on a pony as a surprise for my girlfriend, using pearl paint my mother gave me at least fifteen years ago, and which is still good.  There's some sort of lesson there, but I've really lost my taste for that kind of thing.  I'm tired of learning, I'm tired of trying to spin gold from the straw I'm left to bed down in, I'm tired of every year being a hard year, and more tired of every year being a hard year for people that I love.

I don't want lessons.  I want magic.

And I have that, in some measure, which is why I won't spit on last year despite the general suckery of it.  It put me back on the map as a human being, and I'm grateful for that, even though everything is a mass of tingling pain because I'm like a sleeping limb coming awake, only inside.  And all over.

The pony Patreon proceeds apace.  I'm proud of myself.  Really, truly proud.  I'm doing so well.  Not just in terms of donations, though that's pretty amazing, but in terms of what I've been able to do.  I've worked on pony stuff nearly every night for at least a little while, and even when I have off days -- like today, dear god, I can't handle a brush to save my life -- I usually have something to show for it.

Thanks to a very, very generous donation, The Actual Bear and I were able to order thirty hanks of hair.  THIRTY.  Add in the three freebies that the nice folks at threw in, and that's 33 hanks, all but five of which are colors I didn't already have.

Here's what that looks like:

And I think Smooch speaks for us all when he says *snort* *schlurp* *grunt*:

Thank you, Elizabeth.  We are very, very grateful.  This will give us a great jump start on restocking my art supplies.

I hope this year brings better for all of us, and inflicts the awfulness we've all had to endure on those who truly deserve it.
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Been a while since I've been able to share anything with you, but I'm hoping that will change as I get back on the proverbial horse and back to the literal toy horses.

These little snow ponies will be up for auction once Patreon patrons have had a shot at them, so a soft heads-up on that.

These images are taken from the little pdf booklet I whipped up for patrons. Better pictures go up there, and more pictures go up there, just fyi.  Here's the link, if you wanna jump on in.

Here we have . . .

Winter Ponies Page 2 Large


Made from a G3 Lolligiggle and rehaired in Dollyhair Nylon in Virgin Snow, she was a quick warmup before embarking on finishing the ponies I had on the blocks and working on fulfillment ponies from Indiegogo campaigns.

She turned out so cute that I had to make . . .

Winter Ponies Page 3 Large


Made from a G3 Rainbow Dash and rehaired, like his sis, in Dollyhair Nylon in Virgin Snow.

These guys went super-fast while I was working on them, not a single hitch, and I am very pleased with them, especially with Flurry's little white nose and Snowdrift's white eye splotch.

Cute, aren't they?

Winter Ponies Page 10 Large

As far as the Patreon thing goes, everything is chugging along remarkably well.

I wanna take the chance to thank everyone who has joined up and who has shared -- I'm seeing a lot of new names, so I know the sharing is working!

I've been posting nearly daily progress pics of the ponies I have up on the blocks.  We cleared the first two milestones nearly without effort, and there was a patrons-only vote on the theme for the mama/baby pair I'm gonna start on as soon as I finish the next pony so I have room on the table.  (I prefer not to set them aside if I can possibly help it.  I hit the second goal so fast I wasn't actually prepared, so I've got some painting to do!  It's going super-well, though.)

I am a sneeze away from the third goal, at which point I will start drafting design ideas for one of the great big styling size G3 ponies.  They're like nine inches high.  I've never done one of those, so I'm both excited and super scared!

Once I start getting payments at the beginning of next month, I'll be able to set aside a little each month for art supplies to allow me to continue to do this and pay the internet bill.  If I hit the $350 goal, I'll be able to pay the electric, too.

I'm really excited about that.

Anyway, I have three more ponies besides these two finished and ready to be photographed.  So I'm gonna go try to get some of that done.  Thanks for looking! Catch you again soon!
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I'm aiming for a January 1st launch of my Patreon campaign.  This is the final-ish draft of my pitch.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does need to do the job, so if you can think of a way to make it better, please let me know.  The goal is to get people to pledge a small (or large, won't say no) monthly donation in exchange for access to early and/or exclusive pictures, articles, and auctions featuring my ponies.

There will be links to examples of my work in the text!  If there's a particular pony you think I should be sure to make people look at, feel free to make suggestions.

Who am I?

Besides a being of pure awesomeness in a person suit?  Glad you asked

I'm Amanda Gannon, and I make custom My Little Ponies.  You can see my work on Flickr, or you can head to Livejournal to take a look at the Blacklock Twins or maybe Serenity or Stolen Kisses.  That's what I am capable of.

Aside from being an artist who creates adorable (and sometimes strange) things, I am certified disabled: bipolar II with an accompanying anxiety disorder. The government recognizes that I am too ill to work a "normal" job, yet the benefits I receive do not even pay for my rent, let alone food, bills, and medical care.  I have no other reliable stream of income.

What an awkward situation.

What am I offering?

You get a first look at my ponies (and other art) with in-process pics, and will get to see finished pics before anyone else gets to.  You'll also gain access to text updates where I talk about the rewards and challenges of customization.  I might also do some short, silly videos.  Who knows what else I'll think of?  I frigging love what I do and I want to share it with you!

You also get advance notification of any sales or auctions, giving you the first chance to bid or buy on the ones you like – you might be able to get one before anyone not on Patreon even sees it.  If I do decide to open commissions, you'll get first notice of that, too!  Call it the early bird special.

If things go really well and if the melon-baller of depression doesn't decide to scrape out my creative centers, I'll write a silly short story – couple thousand words, maybe – about a pony now and then.

And twice a year, for patrons that have been sponsoring me since the beginning of that calendar year, there'll be a drawing to get a free custom pony.  If I'm in a good place, it'll be your choice.  If I'm not, it'll be mine.  Either way, I almost never open up for commission slots, so this is a rare opportunity.

I'm also offering you the warm glow of a supportive connection with me, in all of my strangely awesome glory. By sponsoring me with a monthly donation through Patreon, you help supply me with food, electricity, meds, and art supplies so I can keep doing cool things. And your email will let you know when that happens.

Why should you support me?

As I said, because the government doesn't give me enough money to pay for a roof over my head.  I rely on help from family and friends, and I would much rather rely on myself – to the extent that I am reliable.

I'm not gonna lie.  I can't always work.  There may be some months where I do very little, or nothing.  The mental illness combined with the constant stress has ground down my ability to create even during my "up" phases.  It's a vicious cycle that keeps me miserable, broke, and helpless, and it's one I hope relieving the financial stress placed upon me will help to alleviate.

With the help of people who believe in me as both an artist and as a person who deserves to know they will have a house and food next month, I will be happier and safer, and it is my earnest hope that this will translate into even more, and even more awesome, work.

My situation as it stands is untenable.  Please help me move away from this state of constant fear and into a realm of security so that I can tend to my mental health, focus on those things I can do, and live my life with as much integrity and self-respect as possible.

Thank you.

There you have it.

Please let me know if there are any typos or whatnot, and if there are ways it could be improved!

I will have another update soon with some questions about the campaign itself, and what people might like to see, but if you have suggestions for that you can go ahead and note them here if you like.


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