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Heavy emotional weather day yesterday.  Doing better than I was.

Still wrestling with the fucking Patreon pitch, which sucks because I need to fucking launch so I can start bringing in some money.  I'm doing more than enough pony work to support it, so I'm going to make that the focus.  Still haven't decided whether to stay with a monthly donation model, or move to the per-project model.  I feel like per-project would bring in more money, but I also feel like it would put a negative kind of pressure on me.  When things got tight, I'd feel like I had to work, and this is one thing I want to not feel like high-pressure work.  As much as possible, anyway.

Not feeling the holiday vibe this year, which fucking sucks because this is my first Christmas with my girlfriend and I feel like I should be trying to make good memories.  All I have is stress, and an unwillingness to deal with family stuff.  The whole mess is like a stove burner that's too hot to touch.  I'm just one big flinch.

On the subject of Christmas, if any of y'all were contemplating sending me gifts or whatnot, I could really, really use gift certificates to Michaels.  A lot of my art supplies are running low, or are spent.  The other useful place to get a gift certificate would be  I always need pony hair.

The Actual Bear is about a third done with her next pony, a much more ambitious project.  Her first body repaint, and it's not just a solid color, it's a mottled parchment look.  I am doing one with the same basic colors in order to show her how to get shit done, and hers looks better than mine.  I'm very proud and as soon as it's done I'll get a pic of hers.

Here's a teaser of the parchment one I'm working on.  I'm using this pony to practice several techniques but the cutie mark is pretty straightforward.

The backside of a My Little Pony showing a red feather pen as the cutie mark.

We're gonna set aside a day soon to do photography on all the ponies we've made so far.  Four finished, five more on the blocks, which means by the time she has a free day to take the pics we'll probably have two more done.

Oh, god, I hope you guys are prepared for a torrent of pony pics.  It's gonna be incredible.


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