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Bear did a gorgeous G1 to G3 update of one of the original Flutter Ponies and you can see her right here on Ebay:


She is GORGEOUS and I am so proud of my Bear for doing such a wonderful job!

Please bid if you are so inclined, but absolutely, PLEASE share this link around. We are trying to pay off about 2k in debt right now from medical stuff and unavoidable car expenses.

Here is a post on Tumblr if you want to boost us there!

Morning Glory 1

More pics under the cut!

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I am so proud of Bear for doing such a beautiful job!  That cutie mark is friggin' gorgeous and I love it so much!

I LOVED the Flutter Ponies as a kid, and to see Morning Glory updated so lovingly is magical to me.

Please help spread the word! <3
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Check these cuties out!

Mama is a G1 Bride pony, baby is a G1 Baby Cuddles, both were in awful baity condition and have been made beautiful again.

Had a hard time with these two but am happy with how they came out.

From Tumblr:

This is Talitha and her baby, Polaris, my Ursa Major and Ursa Minor constellation ponies. The focus on this pic isn’t perfect, so it’s an outtake, but a full shoot of these cuties will be posted on my Patreon just as soon as I’ve processed all the pics.

Times are tough and I’ve lost a few patrons, and Patreon takes a a pretty big chunk of what I make. I need to bring in some more subscribers to help cover the cost of the supplements that Medicaid won’t pay for, but which keep me from being in pain every day. I could also use new shoes. So if you could spread the word, that’d be great.

So click on over! You can pledge in for only a dollar!

You get finished photoshoots, advance notification of sales and auctions, progress pics, and the occasional bit of rambling about the pony customizing process.

If you wanna signal boost on Tumblr, the post is right here.


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