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May. 3rd, 2012 10:31 pm
naamah_darling: Picture of a treasure chest with a skull and crossbones on top. My art! (Artistic)
If you want something from my Etsy shop, now would be a great time!

I've dropped the prices on a LOT of stuff so go take a look!

Morningstar Hall

Also, putting in the code MAY2012 at checkout will get you 15% off.

Click the picture to visit!

Golden Rose 01
naamah_darling: Picture of a treasure chest with a skull and crossbones on top. My art! (Artistic)
What's all this then?

I dug out all the tribal animal designs I have left! All the ones I can find, anyhow.

Tribal Animal Designs

Click on the picture to go to my etsy shop and get a load of the animal portraits there!

These are done in India ink on lightweight golden parchment paper. These are the original masters for designs I worked out for boxes and shirts and so forth that I haven't gotten around to making. They are the only ones there are (there's two of the lynx and tiger), but I have masters for these designs and may make more or use the designs on boxes, etc.

If these do okay, I may do more, or open up for limited tribal animal commissions (I've done them before and they're fun, if not as simple as they look).

If the one you want has been sold out (you can see sold orders here), let me know in comments, and I'll see about doing one up for you.

Also, I got really goofy in the copy for these. Enjoy.
naamah_darling: Picture of a treasure chest with a skull and crossbones on top. My art! (Artistic)
Guys, I hate to flog it in public like this, but I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I just chipped two teeth -- by closing my mouth, I know, I should be more careful -- which means a dentist's visit, and probably around $300 in repairs and x-rays (I am guessing; can't get a real quote until I can call my dentist tomorrow morning).

I also need to go see my regular doc and get bloodwork done, and bring up the rage-y episodes I've been having. That's another $150 right there. And I'd like to see a psych and get my meds professionally evaluated, because if I'm having rage like that, clearly there is a problem.

There's also other stuff that I'm not going to talk about yet, but that needs attention urgently; I can't say more than "It's really, really fucking important."

It's a bunch of shit hitting all at once, and I didn't need it, and I can't afford it all, even with the sale I had last week and folks' generous purchases.


You can join up over at Adventurotica! The new serial is still rockin' along!

Also, I'm extending the 15% off sale at Morningstar Hall.

Enter code XMAS2011 at checkout to get 15% off all purchases at!

Maps 01 logo

Pirate maps are still buy two or more, get envelopes to go with each.

I will be making these to order, so it will take a little longer to get stuff painted up and ribboned up and sent out.

You can also donate directly with the PayPal button below, which is incredibly welcome.

As incentive, if you buy something or donate and comment to let me know you did (so I can keep track and also have an easy way to notify you) I will put your name in a feathery pirate hat, recite a pirate rhyme, and draw a winner. The winner gets one of these in their choice of color:

Deluxe 1

Deluxe 3

I will draw on Wednesday, December 14.

It's one of my full-sized fairy jewels, with seed beads strung along the whorls. I haven't offered one of these for sale, just made them for family and friends, so you'll be getting something there aren't many of. I have nine colors available, so there's plenty of love to go around.

Do I need to mention, I have lots of these guys' little siblings in my shop, waiting to make someone you love very happy every time they look at it? Yes?

ALL the shinies!

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Hey! The Morningstar Hall 15% off sale ends Friday, but I will be making my mail run on Friday morning, so if you want to order, if you do it now, it'll go out this week. Otherwise, it's sometime next week.

Come check out the details!

Or just visit the shop and see what catches your fancy!

Still available:

Thank you to everyone who has ordered!
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Actually, you are probably reading this on Tuesday, and the sale lasts until Friday, so it's sort of an all-week thing!

Morningstar Hall Cyber Monday Sale!

You can get 15% off of everything, anything, in my shop with the following coupon code:


Just enter it at checkout to get 15% off everything you order (not including shipping).

I have a buttload of little faery jewel suncatchers. These make wonderful, pretty little gifts, and the small ones are under twenty dollars.

If you don't see a color you like, I might have stones that color in stock, so don't be afraid to ask me! I will do special orders on these.

PLUS! Special pirate map promotion!

Between now and Christmas, if you order more than one pirate map, you get a free ribboned and sealed envelope for each of them!

What's this? Envelopes? How is that awesome?

Let me 'splain. They're hand-cut and detailed with real wax seals, satin ribbon, and metallic edging, and because they fit together with tab and slot, they are completely resealable. They are the perfect way to present a map. How lovely are they? This lovely:

Pirate Map Envelopes 5

Order more than one map, and you'll get one of these for each. Or you can get one directly, if you are only ordering one. You can choose your color. Look here for your options!

Envelopes ahoy!

You don't have to add the envelopes to your cart from that listing! I'll include them! Just convo or email me with your preferences, or include them in the PayPal comments to seller field.

Also, if you order more than one, the pirate maps will ship free!

So hie on over, and support independent artists this holiday season!


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