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Launch time! Bet you didn't know we were planning anything, did you?

We're raising $3,120 to pay for living expenses and some medical care for the next four months, and we would love your support. To that end, we are giving you a chance to get in on some hot smut.

Queen of the Sky Frontier is a rollicking Steampunk western with lots of sex and violence. We'll be serializing it on, then releasing it as an ebook and print edition.

What's it about? Glad you asked, because we have this awesome trailer Sargon put together with the help of a special guest narrator who really knocked it out of the park for us.

In 1865, the Civil War ended . . . and a new war began. A war fought in secret, with super-science, and the weapons of a new age. Now airships prowl the skies. Monsters roam the badlands. And there are Sky Pirates who rule the Rio Grande. This is a world almost no one knows really exists.

I did.

When I left my job at the Smithsonian and came West, it was because I wanted to become a hero. And I did become one, but not the way I ever imagined. That was the tale of how I became a sky pirate captain, and a hero to the Brethren of the Sky.

But this is another story. A new story.

On the first day of 1868 a new chapter begins in the secret history of this country, and I am here to write my part in it. You know that there are Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande, but now old enemies will come back to haunt us all. New alliances will be tested to their limits. Ambition will fire the hearts of the desperate, and the old dream of Empire will sing its siren call.

Times are changing, the page is turned, and now it will be decided who shall rule the fate of the West.

I am Captain Eden Kane, leader of the corsairs of El Dorado.

And if I am lucky, I may live to become . . .

Queen of the Sky Frontier.

It's a sequel to Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande. If you read that one, here's another hit. If you haven't, this one will still stand alone, so don't be afraid to jump on in. Plus, with most levels of sponsorship, you get the first ebook. Or it's available here, on Smashwords: LINK, or on Amazon: LINK. (Smashwords are better people to buy from in every way, and we get the money faster, but we'll take sales any way we can get them.)

We have some great perks this time around, and you can see them here at the campaign home page.

We have pirate bookmarks, available by themselves or with other packages. Death scenes, sex scenes, bonus scenes, you call the shots. These are awesome, and I want to sell more of them.

And, bar none, the best perk we have ever offered.


I will make you a steampunk pirate pony with accessories. I will even make it NSFW if you want me to.

I'll be doing two. They'll be totally, fantastically random. You pick colors and I will just go completely nuts with the rest. I have no idea what will happen, but I am pretty sure it will be awesome. Now, you can buy that perk outright, which would be great, but we put a high price tag on it because, well, we need the money.


You can donate ANY amount, even a dollar, and we will put your name into my pirate hat, and when it's all over, we'll randomly select someone to get the second pony and all the other stuff that comes with the package (bookmark, print and ebook editions, your choice of sex, violence, or bonus scene, and our everlasting thanks).

You could have steampunk pirate pony dildos, interchangeable ones, for as low as $1.

And I hereby pronounce it guilt-free. Don't feel bad about not giving us more. Seriously. Just throw us the dollar, and maybe you will win what has to be the most fun perk I've thought of yet. Of course we'd be happy if you could spare five or ten or fifty bucks, but a lot of folks are doing about as well as we are, which is to say not super-well, and we know not everyone has buckets full of money just lying around the house, gathering dust.

Go take a look!

I'd very much appreciate it if I could get a signal boost on this. Livejournal is really kind of dead these days, so anything you could do on other sites would be great. I've got a Tumblr post up here), and will be working something out for Facebook. The raw link to the campaign is this:

Just cut and paste.

We've got some great stuff available, a $3,120 goal, and one month to do it in. Let's make this happen.
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Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande is out on Smashwords and Amazon!

You can get it at Smashwords here, and the Amazon link is here. We get the money faster and get a better cut if you buy through Smashwords, and reviews are great everywhere.

I'm sorry for not getting it out sooner. I know some of you have been waiting, and I apologize for that. Things got a little rough. But here it is in all its cheesy glory! How, I ask you, can you not love a book that has a hot tiger-striped chick bronco-busting a pterodactyl?

But wait, there's more!

Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande!

The year is 1867, and mad science has made the Wild West even wilder. Sky pirates haunt the western territories, savage prehistoric beasts have been set loose to roam the grasslands, and the science-enhanced Experimentals are hunted by the government that made them.

Eden Kane is a shy girl working a dead-end job as a clerk with the Smithsonian's Department of Hazardous Artifacts. Unable to explain that her brilliant Experimental mind makes her uniquely qualified for the task, she is rudely refused a position on a dangerous assignment to reclaim the sky pirates' secret Dark Aetheric Transmitter.

She mounts her own expedition, freeing Zenobia Santiago, ex-bandit and Experimental tiger-woman, to guide her through a West full of criminals, rogue Experimentals, and dinosaurs, and into the secret lair of the Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande.

A secret war is brewing in the West. Hunted by desperados and government agents alike, Eden and Zenobia may be the only two people who can stop it.


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