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Yoooo, look what my girlfrand did!

She made an adorable pony!

Blue toy pony with a bunny and moon cutie mark, covered with pink, yellow, and blue stars.

Blue toy pony with pink cloud on butt.

Here's what she said about it on Tumblr:


This pretty little girl is Dream Hopper! I’m so pleased with how she came out! It took me about five days to paint and rehair her. On her display side, her cutie mark is a bunny hopping over the moon, no doubt having gotten a running start on the cotton candy pink clouds on her feet. On her non-display side, another pink cloud drifting sleepily through the stars that sprinkle Dream Hopper’s evening blue body.

Her eyes are the same pink as her clouds, but are also glazed with gold to give them a soft, coral shade. Her pupils, eyeliner, and lashes are a mix of thalo blue, green, and black with some gold mixed in for shine.

SO PROUD OF MYSELF. And special thanks to my gf, naamahdarling, for teaching me how to do all this and letting me use her supplies! I am still deciding whether or not I will keep this pony or sell her on ebay. I didn’t expect to love her this much! 

Hair Colors: Sugar Pink, Atomic Turquoise, Buttercreme from

The pony was a G3 Goodie Goodie originally, IIRC.

There will be better pics forthcoming, but I wanted to show her off and brag a little.  The pictures don't do her justice.  She's frigging adorable.

I think she did an amazing job, and she picked everything up really quick.  Even the hairing.  Way less disastrous than my first attempt.  She broke a couple needles.   I destroyed an entire hank of Virgin White, broke four needles, and almost burned down my house out of sheer frustration.

So I am very proud and smug and I think everyone should give her a hand for making something so goddamned adorable on her first try.

High fives all around!

I made another snow pony to go with Snowdrift that looks more like a Snowdrift, so I renamed her Flurry.  Her friend is now Snowdrift.  Gonna sell them as a pair because they are perfect for each other.  One pink, one blue, both unbearably adorable.  Pics soon.

Ugh, must get to sleep now.


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