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Thank you for spreading the word!

We are about 36 hours from the end of the campaign for The Forbidden Island, and we could still use whatever you have to spare, so if you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so!  We need all the help we can get, honestly.  Five bucks.  Ten bucks.  It feeds us.

This does put us in a better position.  We're very grateful for everything you all have done so far to help out.

<3  Thank you.

You're the best.

I'm gonna go collapse now.  Very tired.  Long few days, here.
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Please come help us out on the Forbidden Island campaign!  We have five days left, and $1,200 to raise!

Here is a post on Tumblr you can boost!

Please take the time to share it.  It only takes a second to reblog, and it really helps.  We have a long way to go, and things don't look so great, so I'm really hoping that we can get the word out and get this done so we don't havew to forfeit part of the money if we don't make it.

Thanks, everyone.

Again, even ten bucks helps.  Please consider it.
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So we were way far from goal, and we got an extension from Indiegogo, which means we have 10 days left to hit our target.  The book is proceeding apace, and I think this crazy mashup of King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tarzan is going to be a whole lot of fun.

So please, if you can head on over to our campaign page and throw something our way.

Annnnd here's a little excerpt to give you a sample.  Our characters have been marooned on a savage island in the Indian Ocean, they don't really trust each other, and now they find the place is not as deserted as they thought...

The scream woke her up in the pit of night.  The fire was burned low and she could scarcely see anything.  For a moment Cecily was not sure where she was, sat panting in the near darkness.  She opened her mouth to call out when a hand clamped over it and silenced her.  "Shhhhhhh," a voice whispered in her ear.  "Keep quiet."  She recognized Buck's low voice and massive hands.

He let go of her and she turned to look at him, saw Simon and Ragland already awake, crouched by the fire.  She jumped as she heard something thud against the roof, sending bits of it rattling down.  She swallowed, turned to speak right in Buck's ear in the lowest whisper she could manage.  "What is it?"

"Don't know," he said in the same almost breathless voice.  "But it's big."

It screamed again, something primordial and terrible, an ascending shriek that cut through the night and seemed to go on longer than any sound made by an animal had a right to.  Cecily twitched as she heard something move across the roof, the spars and beams creaking.  She heard something paw at the sailcloth and she scooted back closer to Buck, just then realizing she was naked as the day she was born.  Her sweaty skin moved against his own, and she knew she reeked of sex.

"Stay down," he said softly and moved away from her, reached into a shadow and came up with a hatchet, gleaming darkly in the glow of the embers.  He paused for a moment, all of them listening to the low sounds of something moving around on the roof of the treehouse.  Then Buck passed her the hatchet and motioned toward Ragland, and she nodded and reached to hand it over while Buck dug around and came up with a keen-edged cutlass.

The frame of the roof creaked, and then they all heard the distinct thump of a weight landing on the ledge just outside the makeshift curtain.  Cecily crawled backward away from it, while Buck and Ragland turned to face it.  It was pitch dark outside, and little better in here, so there was nothing to show what was out there.  They all held still, listening for a moment, breathless.  A soft pattering fell on the roof, and after a terrified moment Cecily realized it was rain.  She heard the trees around them come alive with the sound of raindrops, and then something just outside snorted and growled, a deep and resonant sound that seemed to vibrate in her chest.

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Hey, guys! 

We really need your help on the Forbidden Island campaign.

Please give it a go, if you haven't already.  We aren't bringing in enough to cover what we need to live, and anything you can give would be very much appreciated.  We got an extension to give us a better chance of making it, but with only 10 days left, we're kind of dragging, and I'm really worried we won't make it this time.

Thanks for helping.  Spread the word if you can.

I'll update again soon with a link to a tumblr post, but if you could go ahead and spread the word now, that'd be really great.
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Hey!  We could use a hand.  We only have ten days left on the Indiegogo for The Forbidden Island, and aren't even at 50% yet, so we could really use your help.

I'm supposed to be doing a good job of selling this to y'all and I'm falling down on that because I'm just . . . bottom of the barrel.  I live there nowadays.  I'm okay, mostly, but I can't muster enthusiasm for much of anything.  I'm sorry.  Work on fulfillment for other campaigns proceeds.  We're trying.  I'm trying.  I'm catching up.  Slowly, but surely.

So throw some help our way if you can, any amount.  Five bucks, ten bucks.  This feeds us.  This keeps a roof over our heads.  I know I repeat myself, I'm sorry, and I know I should be chipper, but . . . goddamn, this wears on you after a while.  If you can help, help.  Please.  I really appreciate it.

Finished the course of meds that were meant to treat the painful digestive issues I'd been having.  Now I get to wait to see if it comes back, which is possible, in which case at least we have an effective drug that cannot be used continuously, but could be used to give me a month-long-ish "holiday" from the pain a couple times a year, provided Medicaid will keep covering the $1,400 price tag of repeated treatments.  If not, at least I had a little over a month of getting to enjoy normal foods.

That . . . is . . . the most upsetting couple of sentences I have ever typed.

This medication also helped my rosacea, and has reduced it so much there's only redness and one vaguely pimple-y spot left.  That probably won't last, but it's nice to not have my face hurt all the time.  My skin texture is still ruined from both the rosacea and the topical treatments, far beyond the ability of beauty products to remedy.  And that hurts.  I should get some new pictures of myself while I can still remove make-up without pain and bleeding.

I'm trying not to be too upset or afraid that it will come back, all of it.  But it probably will, and I'm trying to . . . tank up, I guess, and deal with that possibility as best I can.  Which, I'll be honest, isn't very.  I'm scared as hell.

I know a lot of y'all deal with way worse, which is why I haven't been talking about/complaining about this much, but it eats at me.

Think good thoughts for me, please.  Please.  I'm sorting through so much complicated life crap right now, and I'm so confused, and so lost, and I really need all the good wishes I can get.

Love you all.

I'll try to be more cheerful soon.

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We're at 27% on The Forbidden Island!  Thank you for all your help so far!

We still have 30 days left, so if you want to save up for a perk, there should hopefully be time.

Again, if you don't want a perk, you can just flat-out throw money at us through the giant pink CONTRIBUTE NOW button, and enter your own amount.  Even five bucks is helpful.

So drop on by!
  Help us make goal!  Every bit helps us stay afloat a little longer.  We really appreciate it, and couldn't do it without you.  The asshole cats appreciate it, too.  I promise I'll try to post pics of them next time, but they are both doing well and are as annoying and adorable as ever.
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I believe I have achieved a first.

I got a doctor-ordered "go fuck yourself" today.

No, really.  She wants me to take a little while to let a pesky issue clear up, then wants me to go at it with the biggest toys I have to check to see if it's resolved.

I . . . well.  Wow.  I mean.  Umm.  Like I said.  A first for me.  I think that might have been awesome?

Anyway, we're at 18% on The Forbidden Island.  We still need donations to keep solvent, so keep linking and, if you can, donate.  Even five bucks adds up.  And we really need it.

This one is shaping up to be fun, and I really like our lead.  She's just . . . not having any of your shit today, thank you.

We have great perks, including original drawings of random stuff, so go check it out!

(Really, I think it'd be pretty cool getting a cute little atmospheric piece of fluffy art mailed to you.)

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Come check out the campaign for The Forbidden Island!

We're at 16% with 39 days to go!

We still have tons of great perks, including random original drawings, bonus scenes, and guest appearances.

Progress on the other campaigns' perks proceeds apace.  I haven't been feeling very much myself and I do pretty much all the formatting and design work myself, as well as art perks, so things have fallen behind, but I am working hard every day to catch up, and I hope to clear the backlog soon.  

We'd really appreciate anything you can throw our way.  Your support is important to us, and necessary.  It helps us keep a roof over our heads, and pays for the meds and such that Medicaid just refuses to cover.

So please take a minute, hike over to Indiegogo, and poke around a bit.


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Hey, everyone, new project launch!

It's that time.  New campaign.  We've raised the goal on this and extended the time, since our expenses aren't exactly going down.

I posted on Tumblr about it, and you can find that here for purposes of reblogging.

Here's the text, if you'd rather repost on LJ instead.  A real-life update is coming soon.  There's just been a lot of crap gong on and I have been in a really low place.  Sorry I haven't been in communication as much as usual.

Anyway, the text:


My husband and I are running an Indiegogo campaign to fund our erotica novel, The Forbidden Island, a high adventure porn romance.

Why should you care?

I’m disabled — bipolar II and panic disorder — and cannot work. The government money doesn’t even cover our mortgage. I’m on meds and nutritional supplements to manage rosacea and IBS that Medicaid refuses to pay for, and which run about $200 a month. Basically, this is our only source of income besides EBT and SSDI, and our expenses outweigh our income.

You should also care because it will be awesome:

In 1773 Lord and Lady Blackwood, along with their daughter Hannah, sailed into uncharted seas and vanished, leaving behind only their youngest daughter, Cecily, barely out of infancy.

Now, fifteen years later, Cecily is grown and seeks to solve the mystery of her family’s disappearance. She sails into the same mysterious corner of the Indian Ocean in search of the same island her father sought - the Forbidden Island.

There she will face danger, mystery, pirates, lust, and the secrets of a lost civilization, as she tries to unravel what happened to her parents, and what has become of her sister.

So please, if you’d be kind enough to help out, please go take a look. You can donate any amount, and you don’t have to take a perk. We have some fun perks, though, including guest appearances, and a custom pirate pony. (I customize My Little Ponies. More on that later, or on request.)

If y’all could reblog, that would be fantastic. This is seriously how we get by, and it’s still close to the edge.

Here’s the link again!


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