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The Golden Mask has started, and the serial has just finished its first week. There's three chapters for your perusal, now. Go take a look! It is seriously the coolest, and you will love it. I'm completely in love with it. I'll try to post regular updates about this one. I've been slacking off too much on that because I've been so damn tired, and I feel awful about that.

Speaking of which, I am tired like it is a full-time job. I've been feeling better overall, but the past month has been exhausting, and I underestimated how long it would take to recover. I want to do something entertaining this weekend, but Jesus, I am too tired to seriously contemplate anything that requires leaving the house or being sociable. I am hoping to feel well enough to go to the writers' meeting tomorrow, or at least hang with friends, but I don't know.

If you have contacted me about something, or I agreed to do paid work for you: please remind me what you needed me to do. I've got a couple things going for Amber, and another bondage pony for an undisclosed recipient, and if there is anything else, let me know. My brain is like a sieve.

I've got Halloween ponies to take pictures of and post pictures of. They're seriously adorable, but I haven't had the energy to take pics yet. I'll probably do that tomorrow. Thrilling. But I get to play with tiny pumpkins, so it's all good.

I am nearly done with a winter-themed baby pony who will, if all goes well, have fairy wings. I've made the wings already, my first attempt, and they aren't bad at all. Not what I was aiming for but still really pretty. I just have to install them. I don't think I'll foul it up, but never say never. I am ready to do it over if I have to. I'm happy learning.

I finished the formatting for Fox's Tale, which means it will be an ebook super-soon. I added a super-sweet and adorable bonus scene that also has lots of sex in it, so if you wanted your Valbrand/Taon/Shennar three-way, well, I made you something cute.

I've plotted out most of the rest of the second Vengeance and Valor book in broad details, and made sketchy jabs at the final book, and will start work on Frontiers and Fables as soon as I clear enough of the other stuff off my table to be able to spend the time on it. There is going to be so much awesome shit in this next book, seriously. Here's where it becomes an adventure. I want it finished, because I want to know what happens, and that's the best motivation to work that I've found yet.

And that's about it for now. I have to sleep, because I have not done that yet today.
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So, the final chapter of Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande has gone up over at, and the adventures of Eden and Zenobia are drawing, for now, to a close. Everyone, a big hand for Sargon, who wrote this one himself, and made it totally kickass.

Next, we will have a little more Sky Pirates bonus content, a break for Thanksgiving, and then a new project.

What is it?

Running from a forced marriage, country witch Shayrin and her fox familiar seek their dreams among the acting guilds of the grand city of Avallon. As captain of the palace guard, Lanner has no time to produce an heir, nor for House rivalries as the succession approaches. Decadent and dangerous from its highest towers to its darkest underworld, Avallon is no place for good girls or honest men.

For those of you who read [ profile] fever_dreams way back in the day when I was posting Blades of Desire, this will be a most welcome return to that seething hive of sex, violence, and scheming: Avallon. The setting will be somewhat familiar to those of you who have read Hour of the Gryphon, as well.

Those of you who have been to Avallon, who loved it, will find some small changes. We've smoothed over the worldbuilding (more on that in a moment) and filed off the edges. It won't feel any different, however. It will still be the sticky hive of sin and swashbuckling that you all know and love.

Those of you who have never been, I envy you. I envy you, because you will get the chance to go there for the first time. You will get to share in an adventure that shapes the future of a nation in ways that nobody could have guessed. You will get to meet people I have known and loved for over a decade. You will get to read about hot, hot fucking.

Avallon is very dear to me. Its genesis, I am not ashamed to admit, was as a shared roleplaying setting with Sargon, but it quickly grew outside of those bounds and became something much greater. It became porn paradise. I have written more porn set in Avallon than I know what to do with, and there's no reason it can't have a home on Adventurotica. It will all require rewriting; I never intended anyone but Paul and I to see it. It wound up, quite by accident, very much like Steven Brust's Dragaeran setting, so we've worked to reduce that similarity without losing the things that make Avallon Avallon. Blades of Desire will eventually get the same treatment.

This, The Fox's Tale, is set before Blades of Desire by about twenty years. It's a nice little adventure with a touch of romance and a lot of hot, hot fucking. It features Lanner d'Avelian and Shayrin (Corandin's parents) and more solid parts for several people we only saw in cameo. I think you will love it, and I would love to see you give it the chance it deserves. If it does well, there's loads more that we could release bit by bit, and that's not even counting the pornographic epic that is Blades of Desire . . . 400,000 words of porn and swordfighting.

And by the way, for those of you who remember the Red Red Pony incident, this is that story. You an read an extremely un-edited rough draft excerpt from it right here.

For those of you who don't remember because you weren't there, there's a little taste of what you'll be getting. (I feel obligated to disclose that it's part of a sub-plot, and that most of the fucking is het or bi.)

So, please, if you've been putting off giving us a try, give us a try. The first double fistful of chapters will be free. I'll be posting about them here, since we really need to get our traffic up, and to that end, if you know anyone who likes second-world adventure fantasy with lots of intrigue and fucking and some actual humor, for the love of Aon, tell them about us! We're the only ones doing it right.

Okay. Maybe that's arrogant. But it's true.

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