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Throne of the Depths: 9 hours left, $400 over goal!

Got six more small pen and ink drawings left for perks.

The one with the kitties is kinda goofy and whimsical, and is about the size these would be (only I'll be using smaller pens, so there will be more detail).

Again, if I move 'em all, I'll bump the size up. The landscape one is about the size those would be. (And I'm kinda itching to do more weird landscapes.)

Other themes might include: fat mermaids, things with antlers, skulls, peacocks, and who even knows what. I will refrain from drawing everyone butts.

We're close to the end of this one, and I'm so grateful and happy right now. Thank you all.

I hope y'all have a lovely day.
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GOAL! Throne of the Depths is now successful. With ~48 hours left to go, I'd love to make it even more successful. I mean, obviously. Do I even have to say that?

We still have loads of perks, so jump right in! We love a latecomer!

Thank you, thank you so very much, for helping. Again and again and again, thank you. You are the best.

In other writing news, I finished another two chapters of Frontiers and Fables tonight. Well, I finished one chapter and split it, but that's typical. This unwieldy thing keeps growing. I'll finish eventually. Hopefully at a quicker pace . . . otherwise it'll be 2018. I've already spent more time on it than anything else I've written. It's just that there aren't many days I can actually manage to write. I love the story, and writing is my oldest love, but it's hard, and the brain won't always cooperate.

I keep going. It'll never support me completely, and I wish it could, but it's not really about that, at the heart of it.

It's about profanity, drooling, and blowjobs.

Love you all.
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Only $95 to go on Throne of the Depths. Oh my god, I think we might actually make it.

Kick in five bucks, if you haven't already (and you have it), or grab another perk. Still willing to bump the size of the random pen and ink drawings if we can move 'em all. Crazy? Maybe. But it ain't too early to think about Christmas, people.

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with us and supporting us yet again. We are so friggin' close, and every time we pop over that finish line it's like surfacing and finally being able to gasp for air. It's barely enough to keep us afloat, but it's something. It makes a difference.

Sometimes I think this is the hardest part of what we do. Asking for money is the part of art that bothers me the most, and that loathing is simultaneously one of the hardest things to get rid of, and one of the most important. I have not yet succeeded. I am not very good at it.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was good, even though I appear to be having a creative downswing, which is not making me a happy camper. But the weekend was full of friends and dogs and thinking about Ben Barnes.

There's worse things.
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Throne of the Depths is at 39%. Almost 40%!

I've added a perk:

Amanda will send you a totally unique and most-likely-strange pen and ink drawing, at LEAST 3" x 4.5" (standard photo size), on archival paper. Random subject. No other perks, so there's no smut to explain. If these all get sold, I might bump the size up a notch to 4" x 6".

For those of you who have a shitton of bookmarks.

This is sort of what I'm getting at:

White Wolf

Dog and Forest

Odd little moody things, mostly, of whatever strikes my fancy. Completely random subjects, possibly even just landscapes, but they'll all be cool.

I'm doing this as an experiment. Here's hoping! Fair warning, if they sell really well, I might raise the number available.

Anyway, let's see if we can get to at least 50% by Friday? Maybe? *wags*
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Happy Friday!

Throne of the Depths is at $813 out of $3,000 funded, 27%, and we'd like to bump that up to $1,000 by Monday.

Shit I have had to pay for this week or will have to pay for next week:

Computer repairs. $140?

Rosacea medicine. $210 (The cheapest it can be gotten, for real.)

Possibly a new Dremel tool. $90-$120 (Mine broke last week. Might be fixable, might not.)

Still no word from the Soonercare people, so, you know, that's going really well. Fuckers.

If you want to help out, you can
go and donate; you don't have to claim a perk, you can click "contribute now" and enter your own amount.

We really appreciate it. This is how we're getting by, and it'd be immensely helpful if you could signal boost.

We posted the last chapter of Queen of the Sky Frontier on Adventurotica just now. Bonus scenes are forthcoming!

I am not exaggerating when I say that we could not manage without your help, and we appreciate it more than we can possibly say. I've been really tired, and I've been engaging less than I mean to, I haven't been pushing as hard or working as tirelessly as I wish I could. That's, you know, part of being sick.

Thank you all for being there to help us out. Wherever we'd be without you is not a good place.
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We're starting the funding drive for Throne of the Depths, our new serial at Adventurotica.

Have a trailer! Sargon busted his ass on this, and I'm duly impressed:

In 1894, Professor Arthur Graves is nearly finished with his experimental deep-sea submersible. It has been a tremendous struggle to get it finished, and his relationship with his daughter Miranda has become strained. Now, with the foreign science-pirate Count Von Sinner seeking to steal his work, he is faced with the government seizing his work for national security. Refusing to be held back, he, Miranda, and government agent Vivian Roseblade head out to sea in search of the secrets of a lost civilization.

It's going to be really, really excellent. Imaginative. An undersea adventure porn serial? C'mon!

We need y'all's help to publicize this, so spread the link around like glitter in a bellydancer tent. The disability payments I'm getting now aren't actually offsetting our living expenses very much, since my dad had to cut way, way back on what he's giving us, and we really need the help.

We've got a number of lower-level perks, so there's something for every price range, and not all of them are smut-only. There's bookmarks again, and the guilt-free donate a dollar option, because seriously, every dollar counts. (It's about the cost of a dose of the generic-not-available face stuff that's the only thing that keeps the worst of the painful rosacea at bay, for instance. It's also most of a bag of treats for my suspiciously faceless yeti-cat.)

Throne of the Depths, it will be awesome.

When I spam you with stuff about it, I will try to be interesting!


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