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Roadie's going to get renamed, I'm sure, but I'm kind of afraid Smooch may be stuck with Smooch. Or Yeti Von Smooch. I want to give him a piratical name, I really do, but . . . he is just a ludicrous cat, and he needs a ludicrous (and preferably long-winded) name. And who says that yeti can't be pirates? Nobody, that's who. You don't boss yeti around, I tell you what.

Here are a few more pictures of him for those inclined to click. Oh my god, he is so ridiculous. I am going to try and get him into the studio in good light and get some pics there, so you can see what he looks like with his eye open. His facial weirdness is more obvious when he's not sleeping and all scrunched up.

Holy crap, he's lying next to me right now and his huge, hairy paws are twitching and he's biting at something in his sleep. RIDONKULOUS, people!

Yeti-Cat 1

Smooch picspam! )

I adore Roadie, and there will be more pics of him once I've figured out how to get him to hold still, but his personality is still mostly kitten. He hasn't gone through and come out of that difficult adolescent independent phase, so it's hard to say what he'll be like. He does have the dreamiest come-hither bedroom eyes I've ever seen on a cat, which is quite a feat considering they are a rather unsettling and bizarre greenish-orange. He will lie next to me and gaze up at me adoringly with his eyes half-closed, pupils narrowed to slits, looking very cuddly but very fey. And all he wants to do is play and sleep and snuggle. He never stops purring if there is a human touching him. He is Everyone's Cat.

Smooch is My Cat, though. Already, completely.

He lay on my legs full-length, with his huge back feet in my face, and let me groom his brisket and armpits.

He has a square butt.

He is super-quiet and moves like he weighs nothing, and he tends to do this when you're not looking, so he's like a freaking ghost. Made of marshmallow.

He looks like an old man but acts like a crazy kitten, including running around like a mad thing and jumping on random stuff (blankets, shoes, clothes, feet), hoping to flush out something to chase.

He lays on me like a stuffed thing, without feeling the need to adjust his posture or re-orient himself.

He has really impressive back legs, which he lets stick out at all angles all the time, which makes him look even more like a muppet than he already does.

He sounds a little like Tazendra when he purrs.

His head is the perfect size and shape for petting.

I love him. It's not the bond I had with Tazendra, but it's a solid start, and I find him utterly delightful. Clearly he feels the same way, since he seems to enjoy coming and mugging me for cuddles whenever he wants them, and he wants them kind of a lot.

I do not yet have a yeti-cat icon. I will have to make that happen when I have good enough pictures.


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