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Thank you all immensely for the good juju. You are my miracle workers.

Our third offer was approved, and we close on October 3rd.

I'm scared. Of course I am scared. I am so scared.

There's a lot of work to do, the transition is going to be so hard because this place is so different from the house we have now, from anyplace I have ever lived, and finding out how and where we will fit into it is going to be rough.

But let me tell you, it is simply an amazing house. It's so beautiful. It's very white on the inside – the former owners were obviously afraid of bold colors – but that white is like a blank canvas. A big, naked canvas, just begging me to have my way with it. Architecturally it's got all kinds of interesting things I can work with. When I'm done with it, it will be simply amazing. Oh, my friends, oh, oh, oh. I never thought to have anything this wonderful!

I will tell you about all of its awesome features once we've closed, but not before. I'm too scared that something will go south to risk rhapsodizing about it. Way too scared. It's not perfect in every way, but there is a whole hell of a lot to adore.

Keep it crossed for us. The third. They moved the date up a week because they don't want to make another payment.

Two weeks. We're moving in two weeks. Oh, shit.

Edit: I actually should throw a huge shout-out to [ profile] bat_cheva, who drove down the nigh-invisible side street on a whim and found the house, and brought us a flyer even though it was out of our price range, and bugged us to go look at it, because it is not even a mile from her house. Which is actually the coolest thing about all of this, really.

So, if this all goes as planned, I will live very close to my dad, and very, very close to my best friend. I told you. It's fucking awesome.


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