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Tazendra has acquired the new habit of tapping me with her paw to get my attention, but only when she wants to be petted. I don't need to tell you that this is completely adorable, right? It's also slightly creepy, since it's a really human gesture. She puts her hairy little pseudopod on my hand or my leg and looks up at me and starts purring.

Mocus Sleepy

Think that's cute? I can improve on it. I can make it funny:

Mocus Grimace

She sleeps with me every night . . . every night that I sleep, anyway. Sometimes -- like this morning -- I don't make it to bed before full light, and she deserts me for a sunbeam. But even when I am not sleeping, if I am sitting somewhere she can sit beside me, she is right there. Having the computer by the bed is killing my back, but she loves being able to sit next to me all the time. Kind of fond of it myself. She's there right now, churning like a faulty gear box.

I got her a kitty bed recently, because she likes to lay on the couch in this one particular spot. She's getting old, and I thought that a fluffy bed might be more comfortable than just the blanket. I realize that's not exactly the most fascinating thing anyone has ever done, but it makes her so happy.

I am getting a new bed, too. Tomorrow. Today. Sunday. I paid for it yesterday. Today. Saturday. Hopefully that will help kill the insomnia. If I can count on sleep every night, I can get back to work on a regular basis.

Once the bed arrives, I am sure she will decide it is all about her. Of course, we will indulge her because we all know who it really belongs to.

. . . I hope she likes it. That's a damn expensive cat bed.


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