Mar. 4th, 2012

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Soooo, anyone have a cat with asthma who would like to talk to me about it? Like how much the treatment costs?

'Cause asthma is what Etrigan has. He is not doing badly or anything, he just has heeking attacks from time to time. This has been going on for a while now, but it's been really intermittent and low-key, and just not troublesome. It's definitively not hairballs, it's just a dry, soft cough with no discernible trigger that we can find. Maybe litter dust. Maybe. But not activity.

It's been slowly getting worse and more frequent, though, over the past week, and I am worried about the little asshole. He's not having labored breathing or anything, we've been monitoring that and his heart rate and making sure his gums are still pink and all that. He's just coughing, and sometimes I can tell he's uncomfortable. Otherwise he is insanely healthy; like cat-food commercial level of ridiculous, radiant good health. He has a better coat and better skin than any cat I've ever had (and the inside of his head is clean as a whistle). So at least there's that.

We need to get him to a vet, but I can't do that at least until I finish and sell my next box. I'm on that, but it's not an overnight thing.

I love the stupid, obnoxious, barf-eating little douchebag in spite of myself, and he is the glue that keeps our kitty civilization together. I don't want anything bad or scary to happen to him.

Anyway. Wheezy kitties: who has 'em?


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