Feb. 9th, 2016

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Ayyy! Signal boost for the campaign! This one is gonna help Sargon get set up comfortably in his new place, so I'd like it to be a strong campaign!

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] sargon999 at Kasar Kell Calyx
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Uncloned 5th child of the ancient Calyx House.  The Kell Line possesses just one single world as their dominion, and Kasar inherited only a small moon for her fief.  Ambitious and restless for adventure, she gave up her lands and traveled to Zor Prime to take up the life of an Imperial Guard.  House Calyx was in open revolt against the Darkier Line of Emperors less than a century ago, and so many still look on them as little better than outlaws.

She is hard and muscular, with golden skin and hair that is highly unusual for a Zor noble, but a traditional affectation for her Line.  She has been well-schooled in blade and pistol, and is an excellent star pilot.  She is open and honest, very proud, and often lets her mouth get her in trouble.

Campaign is off to a slow start, please donate and/or share!


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