Apr. 28th, 2016

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This is Astraea!  She is a cartographer, astronomer, and navigator.

She was a Patreon reward pony for the lucky winner of my yearly drawing for $15+ patrons.

If you guys could help spread the word about my Patreon, that would be swell.  We took a big financial hit the week before last when Bear lacerated her toe and twisted her ankle.  She was only able to return to work yesterday.  We could really use the boost.

I want to get up to 50 patrons and $500 by the end of the year, and I think those are both doable.  The second will be a little harder, so I could use all the help I can get.

Patrons get access to full photo shoots for each custom as well as more behind the scenes stuff.  Patrons at the $15+ level get entered in the yearly drawing for a custom pony.

So if you or your friends are into supporting queer disabled artists, here's a good chance to do that.  The money helps pay bills, buys my meds, feeds us, and gets our cats closer to adequate vet care.

If you want to signal boost on Tumblr,
that post is right here.

In the meantime, how gorgeous is this babe?

The nylon of her hair is very fine and translucent, so delicate that the color shifts slightly depending on the angle - the white looks blue where it's viewed in oblique light, the blue looks purple, the purple looks pink.  It's not an effect I was able to capture adequately, but you should know about it because it makes her absolutely radiant in person.

I honestly think she might be the prettiest custom I've done.  I don't know.  It's hard to say, so many of them have been so beautiful.  But I am especially pleased with her.  You know how sometimes you hit exactly what you were aiming at?


You know how sometimes you hit it right out of the park, better than you had hoped?

Yeah, that.

Really happy with her.  I hope you enjoy taking a look!

Again, her full shoot is available on Patreon to patrons of any level, even $1.  Please go give it a look!  Help us support ourselves!

Thanks, everyone!


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