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2017-03-11 06:13 pm


I used Amazon's thank you feature to send notes to just about everyone who sent us something from the kitty wish list!

I missed one person because the lysine paste stuff (I think it was that box) didn't come with a gift receipt.

So, thank you to that wonderful anonymous person.  I appreciate it so, so much.  The lysine paste is gross and stinky, oh my god, and it's really entertaining to watch Smooch lick it off my finger.  Poor smelly baby!

Thanks to everyone else, too, just in case you don't get the thank you email.  <3  

The lysine treats are gross-smelling and rubbery and I have to break them into tiny chunks and hand-feed them to him.  HE LOVES IT. 

The Feliway stuff is really cool.  Fake feline facial pheromones, for friendlier funny-faced felines!

Thank you all.  We are all super-grateful.  This doesn't just help Smooch, it helps all of us.  <3