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Clark the kitty is making progress! Like, he's doing pretty darn well. Look at that mouthy little dude! He's still ill, but he's eating well, is exploring and talking and cuddling, and seems to be on the mend. He had surgery to remove some metal he'd somehow ingested (probably trying to find food), and hopefully that will help clear up his lingering health issues.

There are, of course, other kitties at that shelter who need adopting, and who need help, so donations are always appreciated. There are also shelters near you full of kitties who could use some love.

If I could ask for one thing from each of you today, it wouldn't be to donate, or to spread the word. If you want to do those things, you will do them, and of course that's great, but I really would just ask that next time you find yourself looking for a pet, take in a shelter pet, and consider taking in an adult. None of the problems I feared when we adopted Smooch as a more-or-less adult (certainly full-sized) cat came to pass.

I would also ask that you consider getting two cats, not just one. It's worked wonderfully for us, and it saves two lives.

Adopting Smooch and Etrigan at the same time really pointed out the good points of adopting an adult cat over a kitten. Smooch needs very little supervision and very little correction, and understood how things work pretty well right out of the gate. Etrigan, even though he is very nearly adult-cat-sized now, needs nearly constant supervision, and still hasn't figured out how things are supposed to be.

(Granted, this could be because Etrigan is very nearly the stupidest cat I have ever met. I knew a stupider cat once, but he had distemper when he was a kitten and the fever cooked his brain; he literally had brain damage. We called him "Twit." Etrigan is almost that special.)

The boys are doing well, btw. I have some silly pics I really ought to root out and post. . . .
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