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First: Thank you SO MUCH everyone who donated! It covered today's vet visit and a signup for a plan that will help us save lots of money on future visits.

Second: THIRTEEN POUNDS?! God, I remember when he was a skinny little thing that weighed nothing at all. I can officially no longer refer to him as "little" anything.

Third: The news, then.

  • Lung infection.

  • Possible asthma.

  • Follow-up in two weeks.

  • Needs a chest x-ray.

    We took him to Banfield and signed him up for a kitty wellness plan, which basically gets us free office visits, free diagnostic tests on this fluid or that fluid, free tooth care, and so on, for a low but monthly fee. It's already paid for itself for this month, and in a couple of weeks it'll pay for next month's, 'cause I gotta take him back for a little follow-up. If he has asthma, it will pay for itself completely. It won't cover x-rays, though, so I will need to be sellin' stuff to get him some imaging.

    It looks like he has a bit of a lung infection, which is bad, but he's now on antibiotics, and it should clear up. We just gotta watch him. Wish him well. His white blood cell count was really, really high, which suggests to me a low-level infection that's been going on a while, and which was being effectively suppressed by his immune system. This unfortunately doesn't mean he doesn't have asthma, since the chronic inflammation makes you prone to these kinds of infections.

    His bloodwork had some other weird readings, but it will be hard to get a bead on what that means until the lung infection is cleared up. The weirdness is, however, consistent with feline asthma. The vet is hesitant to say that's what it is -- apparently it doesn't usually show up in cats this young -- but we're looking at it as a possibility. Annoyingly, it's a ruling-out thing, not a clear diagnosis.

    Other than that, he is in superb health, and the tech and vet both remarked on his apparent physical condition. ("Perfect.") I need to get pics so you can see him, he's just really hard to photograph attractively, being black, a cat, and kind of a derpy dumbass, but he is gorgeous.

    I will stress that the big lunk is not feeling bad at all aside from the trauma of having strange people do awful things to him -- which is at once annoying and a relief. A relief because who wants to watch their cat slink around and act pitiful? Only total jerks, that's who. And he's especially pitiful because he's so stupid, which makes me feel bad for him to start with. Annoying because, if he's going to be draining the ol' bank account, the least he could do is act sick so I can feel good about making him feel better. Which I do, anyway; I love the giant dumbass. It just seems absurd to be worried about a cat who is as radiantly handsome as Etrigan is.

    I did not know about the kitty wellness plans. That is awesome. I would reeeally like to get Smooch on one, because he's going to need it. He needs good dental care, he may become prone to sinus infections, and he will need to be monitored aggressively for kidney disease as well, because of his breed. All of that would be covered for a year for about what I'd pay for one round of screening plus a tooth cleaning. So I think I am a fan of Banfield now. I've been a couple times before and the vets there have always been really great, really competent, really patient, and do not talk down to me no matter what I am wearing or how disheveled I look. (Shut up. I just got out of bed.)

    So, as far as expenses, I'm thinking about either a sponsor-a-cat-for-a-month thing, though I am not sure what I would offer as a special incentive that I could turn out on a regular basis, or making and selling some stuff specially to pay for getting them both set up and getting the plans prepaid so that's off my back. Something to think about.

    We got him some new rattle mice, so I am going to go play with him for a while to make up for some of his Terrible Ordeal.

    Thank you again to those who pitched in. We are grateful for everything, even a dollar, because we love this big, dumb derp in spite of his empty head and chronic inability to snuggle or bury his poop. And Smooch and Fish love him too, and want their not-so-little friend to be around for a while yet.
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