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Etrigan seems to be doing quite a bit better today, so we're hopeful that this particular flareup will blow over without any more trouble. He was actually up on the table knocking shit over so we know he's feeling more himself. I'm still worried about him, but I'm likely to be worrying about him perpetually for the rest of his asthmatic little life, which I hope is a long and annoying one.

Thank you to everyone who donated, or everyone who offered to donate. We don't know if we'll need additional vet funds yet. I am hoping not. So all y'all who offered, you can hold off and wait and see, 'cause I'd feel kind of bad at this point asking for it without knowing. I am really, really grateful. And super-grateful for those folks who sent generous donations which will allow us to cover a chest x-ray and bloodwork if he needs those done. (Which he probably will sometime down the line, just hopefully not right away.)

For those who asked, we get money fastest through, whether that's memberships or donations. Smashwords is next, and they will be paying me at the end of this month, I think, so now is not a bad time if you want to buy a book.

Adventurotica on Smashwords
Naamah's books
Sargon's books

Amazon, eh, they pay me occasionally, but they are kind of assholes.

Etsy payments are immediate: Morningstar Hall at Etsy is kind of sparse right now, but there's a lot of stuff under $25.

As for Paypal, anything sent to sargon999 at hotmail goes to our living expenses (electricity, mortgage, internet, trash pickup, you know, the boring stuff).

Anything sent to naamah at gmail and marked for Etrigan and the kitties will get pulled out in cash and hidden, to go to vet bills only. (I keep track of the vet money.) Anything not marked for the kitties will get split with Sargon for living expenses, and I'll put the rest away to get me my bloodwork done in a month and a half, which is about $150.

I am not asking, but some people had asked. As it is, I feel really awful even putting this stuff here because I am so reluctant to call in any favors at all, for fear that things might get worse.

I am working on stuff to put up on Etsy -- I need to go do more of that right now -- but I don't know how fast that will happen.

Oh, dear. Etrigan is pulling stuff off Sargon's table as we speak. I think our little convalescent is feeling somewhat improved. He would thank you all for the well-wishes, but he's very stupid. Rest assured that if you were here, he would let you pet him as much as you wanted and give him all the treats you felt inclined to give him by way of thanking you. Because that's how cats are.
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