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Madame Swallowtail

She is ready to go home with the lucky winner!

Miniature BDSM Accessories

Madame Swallowtail comes with her lovely self, a removable strap-on harness, ten fun BDSM accessories, and a cute little toybox! You'll get exactly what you see here. The toys are made of real leather and PVC tape (except the cane, which is coated wire). Even better, it was all made by a card-carrying Total Pervert!

You can see more pictures and read more about her right here!

I am starting the bidding at $80 for her and the box and the toys. Crazy!

Remember, folks, anyone can bid, even non-registered users. If you don't have an LJ account, you should be able to use Facebook, Twitter, or Google IDs to comment, and ANONYMOUS COMMENTS ARE ON! Include an email address, though, if you're anonymous, so that I can contact you and verify that you are, in fact, the winner. Also, non-LJ-users will have to monitor the thread themselves. Anonymous comments with no identifiers will be deleted, sorry. In the event that the winner does not come through with the payment, the previous bidder will be contacted.

Please bid by replying to the last bid, so the last bidder is notified!

Auction ends on Friday, August 24th at midnight CST, USA.

Shipping will be USPS Priority, determined by the buyer's location. Within the US, this is typically between $12 and $15. Insurance and delivery confirmation are automatically provided. I will ship overseas if the winner is willing to commit to whatever ludicrous shipping rate the USPS decides to impose. I seriously cannot predict it.

Thank you everyone, and please, spread the word around if you know anyone who might like her! Encourage them to come and put in a bid!


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