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He got out last night and has been gone for fifteen or sixteen hours, I think. No sign of him, and now it's pissing rain, and he could be anywhere in the enormous forested drainage area that runs behind our house, that's tangled so thick you can't walk through it.

Just . . . cross your fingers that the little douchebag gets back safe, okay? I really can't do this. I'm strong enough to walk, but I'm not strong enough to carry anything heavy like this right now.

And he's . . . an indoor cat, a dumb one, who doesn't even know what wind and rain are, in an enormous world full of people and things and animals he doesn't know, and might want to hurt him. And I can only hope he's not scared, because that kind of all-pervading, immobilizing fear is something I know way to well to be able to bear the thought of him feeling it with any grace.

I can barely go outside. It reminds me so strongly of how it felt when I had my horrible, horrible hours-long panic attacks, and how everything outside the house was just . . . a fucking nightmare.

Normally I'm really cool-headed, but I am surprisingly, humiliatingly, not fucking coping.

Advice not really appreciated. We're doing what we can do. Just keep your fingers crossed that he comes home very, very soon.
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