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This happened just before he ran away to have his Not-So-Incredible Journey.

I'm alone playing Borderlands 2 (awesome, btw) and I hear this very quiet, tiny little "crinkle crinkle" sound and think, "Great, one of my dumbass mammals has found a plastic bag and is licking it, and it's only going to get worse. Now I have to go take it away." Only it sounds wrong, and it's coming from too high up in the kitchen.

Etrigan, I realize, is on the counter again.

So I sneak out of my chair. I move like the night, soundless. I approach the kitchen.

Etrigan comes panther-walking out with AN ENTIRE WRAPPED TWINKIE in his mouth. He was holding it in the middle, like a dog with a bone. He must have gotten it from the closed up box that was on the counter, and I would not have heard it at all if it weren't for the crinkling plastic wrapper.

Now, it is fucking adorable, but he is still a slinking little Twinkie thief, so I turn on the STARE OF DISAPPROVAL.

He sees me and his eyes get the size of half-dollar coins and the Twinkie drops to the carpet with a crinkly *thump*. It was a cartoon moment. Then he ran like his ass was on fire and his head was catching, and I was laughing so fucking hard I literally could not follow him.

So I sat down. With the Twinkie. And I waited.

He realized very quickly I wasn't going to swat him; he knows I'm not mad when I laugh. So he comes out like nothing happened, and I called him over, and I got down in front of him and I ate the entire thing right in front of his face.

He watched the whole time with this 'I DON'T UNDERSTAAAAAAND IT WAS MIIIIINE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" look on his face.

And then I let him sniff the spot where I set the Twinkie down while I had a drink of root beer.



Etrigan went to the vet today to be checked over and get a feline leukemia shot just in case, but he's completely unscathed, aside from being a little clingy. And by "clingy" I mean "less revolted by contact that he does not initiate." And apparently he cried a lot more than usual on the way to the vet.

He has snuggled with both of us since his Great Escape, and he is obviously glad to be home. I just hope he's smart enough not to do it again. Ever. Because that sucked.

Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments and the support. I wasn't replying, I was in bed feeling like my head had been run over by a truck, but I very much appreciate it. I am sure all the good vibes helped him find his stupid way home.

He is playing fetch with Best Mouse right now, as happy as he has ever been. Like nothing happened. He is such an asshole. I love him so much.
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