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Got my hands on the records for my surgery and the pathology on the stuff they removed.

The most interesting and honestly startling thing in it was that I lost less than 3 tablespoons of blood.

They removed an entire internal organ, and I loss less than a quarter cup of blood.

Science is fucking astonishing.

Also, I think my surgeon was just really damn good.

Dr. Rachel Gibbs in Tulsa, just in case you want to look her up.
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As an aside, the average blood-loss during major surgery [as published in the BMJ by the Royal collage of surgeons] is just under a pint.

So yes, she's pretty darn good.
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That's really, really cool. How did you get them to give you the results?

Science is amazing. \o/
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Duuuuuuuude! That's amazing!
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Wow, that is incredible!!