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Question for people who have experience with Amazon's Kindle publishing platform.

I uploaded Pride and Prostitutes to Amazon's KDP.

I listed it under both of our names.

The book is there in Amazon's marketplace. You can search for it, and you can buy it.

When I go into the guts of the KDP, it is not there among the other books I have listed.

I do not have an Amazon account under any other email address.

I checked under my husband's email address, and it is not there either. That address had never been used to log into the KDP.

I have tried resetting my password as described in this link. It still did not appear.

Where did my book go and how can I find it? I need to be able to administer it, obviously, and I am really, really concerned that my intellectual property has fallen into "limbo" and will be unretrievable. Obviously, I cannot comfortably register any new books with Amazon until this is resolved.

Please advise.

If you know anyone who has experience with the KDP, please consider forwarding this to them. I could really use an answer on this.


* I have emailed their customer service department with this, but if I can resolve it faster than they can get back to me, I'd be really pleased.

* Please don't tell me to stay out of Amazon's pool. Not helpful or relevant.

* I know that Amazon is evil, and that their customer service sucks. Pointing this out is also not helpful. Please try to be constructive.
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Something I can't figure out.

When publishing for the Kindle via Amazon's incredibly shittily-designed KDP, I can list a title under a completely made-up name.

Is there anything that connects books I have published under a completely different name to my real name, and vice-versa? Like, on the Adventurotica account on Smashwords, you can see everything we have published, no matter what name it was under, thus creating a link between everything we publish and our real names.

I ask because I have a large, large amount of complete crap porn I wrote ages ago, and I might as well get something out of it, but I don't want it connected to my real name in any way because frankly, it's horrible and embarrassing and some of it is frankly pretty offensive (don't judge, I was doing it because I had to eat and pay for meds, and that's why I am doing it again). I don't want to have to open up a different account or something. I just want to throw that crap up there and see if I can make a few bucks off it, 'cause we're kind of hurting for cash.

Any insight?


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