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Okay! We are coming up on the end of the month at, so it's time for those of you who set your renew date at the beginning of the month to renew!

Renewing lets us do awesome stuff like feed The Meringue-outan:

Smooch's Happy Face

Shown here in an attitude of attentive repose. The technical word for his expression is "hilarious."

It also refills my meds and feeds us, which is sort of important to everyone around here.

We have a lot of good stuff up for free, too!

The Woman In The Header (hint: there's not one) is part one of two, and I think it's really pretty good.

It bothers me because naked-men-liking folks are expected to feel included by imagery of sexy women, and heterosexual men are so deeply discouraged from finding men attractive that they specifically feel excluded and disgusted by pictures of sexy men. See, women are encouraged to develop an eye for what makes women sexy, and are often encouraged to explore the idea of this sexiness personally, physically, whether by dressing or acting sexy, or by physically playing around with other women. This is fine, I'm all for it, except the door doesn't swing both ways. Men are not, overall, encouraged to develop an intellectual appreciation for the attractiveness of other men, and the stigma related to exploring it sexually is much greater for men than women, making it blatantly unfair. Being straight is part of the Performance of Being A Man, and lack of appreciation for male attractiveness is part of that performance.

It bothers me that a picture of a woman lolling around nude and looking vulnerable and inviting is likely to be easily recognized as "sexy" by most people, whether they personally respond to it or not, but a man who is similarly naked and vulnerable and lolling around looking like he really wants some friendly attention (and maybe, in that case, a towel and a hair-dryer) is not only not as likely to be recognized as "sexy," but is likely to be considered ridiculous or un-sexy, or worse, "gay." And I don't mean folks think it's as awesome as buttsex, or that it's meant to appeal to gay men, I mean they feel that it's "unnecessarily girly, stupid, pointless, and effeminate" to show a man posing "like a girl" . . . which apparently means "looking sexy."

Yeah. This one really gets up my nose.

Worth clicking on that above link, btw, if you like pretty young dark-haired men who are on the skinny side. Very sweet. Although he looks like he needs some hot chocolate and hot oral sex, stat.


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