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As a remedy for a sad few days, have some awesome stuff!

Day 9: Andromeda

BttDB Day 009 Andromeda

Source. Tambako takes the most amazing animal pics, and this golden tiger is incredible.

This is not an accurate portrait of a sabertooth, nor of the Atlantean Irregulars' traveling companion, Andromeda. Nevertheless, it is A portrait. And I am pretty pleased with it. I like the eyes. Took about an hour and a half, maybe two, overall.

Day 10: Captain Savage's hairless cat.

BttDB Day 10 Captain Savage's hairless cat

BttDB Day 10 the Savage beast detail

Source. Thanks to Kinsey and his people.

I wanted to paint Captain Savage's little devil-horned gremlin cat, so I found a nice CC-licensed pic of a sphynx, and went to town. I gotta admit, I blew myself away with this one. I started out expecting to fail miserably at such a challenging subject, and . . . well. Yeah. I will go back and finish this one at some point, put some books on the bookshelf, fix up the horns, put the horns' shadows in the right place, all of that.

I am really proud of the ears. Really, really proud. Translucence is so difficult to paint. Took about six hours, though.

Day 11: Friesian in an Invisible Harness!

BttDB Day 11 Friesian in Invisible Harness

BttDB Day 11 Friesian detail

Source. Didn't get around to painting in the bridle.

I am really proud of the detail on the mouth, obviously. It's a really textured and soft and mobile area, and it's a challenge to convey that. I will go back and add the harness sometime, it looks weird without it. Probably put a background on there while I'm at it, since it looks awfully stark.

I am taking today off, I think. I am just tired and wrung out and I am so ready for it to be next year.
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Apparently I post a lot when I am depressed and avoiding panic attacks. WHO KNEW.

BttDB Day 8 kizza kitten


This is a kizza kitten at about five weeks. Rough sketch, WIP, all of that. Her ears should really be bigger.

Kizza are critters from our current tabletop RPG setting, Ethrus Prime. They are like little fennec catbunnies. VENOMOUS fennec catbunnies. They make great pets, though, and are So. Goddamn. Adorable.

Cuteness! Ees good!

One of the drawings I lost was a really beautiful picture of an adult. I am so fucking pissed.

I did find one version of the picture of the actual jandar, also a WIP:

wip: an actual jandar

So there you go. Something to look at.

I am going to edit some pics for this week's Thing I Made Thursday, which SHALL NOT BE DERAILED. Because I really want to sell the goddamn thing.
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I need to take some time and do something fun every night, or so I am told, but I am fundamentally incapable of doing anything that isn't creative and challenging, apparently. So I'm teaching myself to draw people again, an hour at a time, and I am documenting the process. I will post results now and then to catalog my progress!

This is Week 1: Curvy, Cute, and Sassy! (Next week will be faces, or pretty boys. I'm leaning toward boys.)

BttDB Day 4 detail

Sauce. I don't know her name but she's just gorgeous; look how the light melts on her skin like butter.

I'll eventually be doing dirty stuff, but I promise to cut anything more adult than boobs or bottom. I'm not cutting the boobs or bottom, though. Woman's gotta have some standards.

This is from Day 004, today. I have been trying to limit my individual drawings to 15-20 minutes, but I confess I let myself go for an hour on this one.

Showing these, even just the good ones, is a big deal for me because it involves total honesty and a lot of vulnerability (i.e. I am showing you my mistakes). I will be working from references, but since I'm re-learning from scratch, I'm not checking it directly against the photograph or working directly on top of the photograph, which I usually do. I'm building the drawing from the core up, not reproducing it from the outside in.

I have resolved not going to point out what I did wrong, even though looking at that is useful and educational. Pointing it out is not fun for anyone else, so, you know, I'll just mention what I thought I did well. And today, that is her mouth and chin, because that is a hellaciously hard angle to get right.

I wanted to share this with y'all, because I have been and will be posting stuff that is not so happy, and I want to leaven that with something fun and intimate and generally awesome. I want to post more and engage more. I want something to look forward to.

Thing I Made Thursday isn't going anywhere, though! Fear not! I have something awesome to show you this week!


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