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I dreamed that Bear and I were trying to get things fixed up, but someone kept undoing all our work, and our things kept getting lost, and it was all quite frustrating.

It was full night outside and we hear the sounds of a parade so we go look, and it's some kind of weird (but beautiful) Midnight Carnival thing.  People in costumes, in masks, carrying banners.  Strange animals.  Dancing, singing, drumming.  It's spilling over into the park across the street, and we decide to go put on some costumes and have a walk, because fuck working to fix a mess we didn't make.

After a while, all the motion and noise gets to be too much for me, so I excuse myself and go walking back the way the procession came, where it's quiet and dark and soft.

I see a paddock, and I can see a stable up near the crest of the hill.  I call out and two horses gallop down.  They're friendly, and follow me along the fence as I climb the hill toward the house.  There's an old woman there at the top of the hill, watching me.  She's grey, wearing a grey robe, and unbelievably ancient.

"Was that you in the street just now, calling to my horses?" she asked.

"Yeah, that was me," I said, not sure if she was going to be angry for interfering with her animals.

"You looked so beautiful.  Just dancing and spinning as you walked."

"I wasn't dancing."

"Well, maybe it was something else, but it was you."

I'm confused.  I wasn't dancing.  Seriously.  Like, I'm happy, I'm in love, but it's not the same thing.

She just shrugs and points up.  "Look how clear the stars are," she says.

I look up and there is Orion, huge and handsome, and more stars than I have ever seen in the night sky.  And there are shooting stars, dozens of them, streaking the sky.  It's unspeakably beautiful.

"I'll be right back," I say hastily, giving her arm a squeeze before I tear off running down the hill.  "I have to get my girlfriend."

I run back to the festival and grab her.  "Come with me!"

"Why?  What is it?"

"Just . . . come with me!"

She's excited now.  She knows if I'm this worked up, it has to be good.  So she comes with me and we say hello to the horses and we climb the hill where the old woman is still waiting wordlessly.

"Look.  Look at Orion," I say, pointing out the familiar shape.  There are even more stars than before, and clouds skimming overhead, thin and pale but still flickering with lightning.  It looks like Orion is wearing some sort of badass celestial robe.  I can almost see him, like a picture laid over a picture.

As we watch, shooting stars keep falling by the dozens.  Some of them white, some blue, some slow, some fast, some leaving long trails and some just brief flashes of light.  Then the actual stars themselves, the real stars, begin to twinkle and put forth sharp rays of light that stay in the air, hovering.  It looks very strange, but it's also quite beautiful.

"What are those?" I ask.  They look like . . . music.  Bright and fearful music.

"They are called swords of light," the old woman says.  "It means the celestial ones are dying."

I don't know if she means angels or the stars themselves or both.  I don't ask.

Then the stars begin to go out, flashing brighter before vanishing, leaving the rays quivering to nothing in the air.  It's like watching someone turn the lights off on the entire universe, and I know that the most distant ones are going first, coming nearer and nearer as we watch them wink out and fade.

It's the literal end of the world, the end of everything, the Universe taking back its one great muttered Word.  I am terrified.

The old woman says nothing.  I don't know if Bear can even see her, or if she knows what is happening.  When I look over at her, she looks completely calm.

Without speaking, I reach out and take her big, warm hand.  

It's the end of the world and that's the only thing I want to do.


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