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Cecilia Tan at Circlet Press is running a really cool thing. It's basically NaNoWriMo for smut writers.

I'm going to be sort-of trying it, either to finish Frontiers and Fables, sequel to Vengeance and Valor, or to start work on a new thing, tentatively titled Lawless Stars, which will be a space opera action-adventure BDSM smut novel. With pirates.

Because apparently, I cannot write anything pornographic lately without there being hot pirates.

Details of Cecilia's project are below, but came from here, so if you want to link back to anything, link back to there. You don't have to start today; the challenge runs until V-day on February 14th, so you still have some time to get your shit together if you want to try it. I say go for it. The world needs more smut.


Okay, we’re doing it! Organized Advanced Smut-writing Month (OrgASM) is happening Jan 1st through Feb 14th!

What is OrgASM? Organized Advanced Smut-writing Month (OrgASM) is kind of like NaNoWriMo, except each participant sets their own goal (novel? 2 short stories? post in your WIP every week? do a kink meme or fest? pro fic or fan fic welcome…) so long as the writing is erotic or about sex! All those who self-report as winners/having reached their goal will get an ebook of the new anthology Fantastic Erotica and a $25 gift certificate for any ebook(s) sold through! Anyone who wants to work on an erotic writing project can join–you don’t have to be a previously published author, nor have any connection to Circlet Press.

Signups are going on now, and you can start posting your progress anytime between January 1-14. The challenge runs until Valentine’s Day, February 14th, so your “month” can be from Jan 3-Feb 3, for example. Totally up to you! Links and details below the cut:

The “advanced” part of the challenge is that what you are writing should be intended for publication/posting somewhere. Even if it’s fanfic, you should share it with the world when it’s done.

Signups and progress posts should be made in our Livejournal or Dreamwidth communities (ideally both, since LJ has been flake-tastic lately).

The posts in the comms will be visible only to members of the comms, so please do post your progress, excerpts, rough samples, whatever you like, and please do give feedback and encouragement to others who post.


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