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What the hell, how is it December already?!

We are at 47% on The Graveyard of Empires, with 40 days left. We're only $110 short of 50%!

Y'all are really amazing, and helping out so much. I've gotten a couple of really generous donations in the last couple days, and it's going to make all the difference in the world.

Thank you. For sticking with us, for getting the word out there, for sharing what you have with us.

This is how we make it. With your help.

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We were going to wait until later in the month to launch, but we are so broke we have to do it now.  Good news for you!

That thar's our fancy book trailer.

The Eden Kane series began with Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande, continued in Queen of the Sky Frontier, and will reach its awesome conclusion in The Graveyard of Empires.

In 1867 Eden Kane left her job at the Smithsonian and headed west, intending to find the fabled Dark Aetheric Transmitter and become an agent of the government.  Instead, she became a leader to the Brethren of the Sky - the airship pirates who control the western frontier.  The following year, she faced her greatest danger as the former Confederate General Hood plotted to become the overlord of the West and destroy Washington D.C.

Now, with three of his superior air-warships at her command, Eden has become a power to be reckoned with, and as the forces of a weakened government and scheming robber barons converge on the frontier, she must find what course she intends to steer, and hold to it.  With her constant companions - the Experimentals Zenobia Santiago and Diamondback Sally , Eden must try and carve out the destiny of the Brethren in the West - the Graveyard of Empires.
That's the synopsis!

The Indiegogo page is here:

When y'all check out, we urge everyone donating to use Paypal if they can, not credit cards.  We still get the money from credit card payments, but it takes much longer to reach us, and Paypal funds are available pretty much immediately.  We need it immediately.  We're not even treading water here.  We're going under and we need all the help we can get.

So please, donate.  Spread the word.  Help out.  I'm trying to be as positive as I can, but the truth is that I'm scared as hell.

This is going to be an awesome book, though, and it will be SO satisfying to have the trilogy wrapped.

Sargon has done a great job with the series so far and I really look forward to seeing where he takes it.

Please lend a hand if you can.
  This is . . . pretty much all we have.

Thank you.


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