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Hey, everyone! 

We are five days from the end of the Shadow Princess campaign, and we have less than $1,000 to go.  I don't know if we can make it, but we could use all the help we can get.  I'm going to have to buy my rosacea medicine sometime in the next three months, and that's $200 alone.  So anything you can throw our way, we'd really appreciate.

The novel is almost done, and it's a rollicking good time, heavy on the "licking."  There's more sex in this one than there's been in any of them since Pride and Prostitutes.

Things are looking up for me, and I've been feeling a bit better, but I still have a mountain of crap to dig myself out from under, and not wondering how we are going to pay the house payment is a huge load off my mind.

Again, sorry this isn't a fancy update with bells and whistles.  I'm hanging on, but I'm hanging on by my fingernails.

I love you all, and thank you to everyone who donated.  Your kindness can never be repaid, but I hope it can be rewarded.

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We haven't even cracked $500 on The Shadow Princess, so if you have a minute, go over and check out the campaign and throw a donation our way if you can spare it.

We've got some big bills due, including website hosting, and Smooch needs to see the vet soon because he needs to get his teeth cleaned (I think he's got a rotten tooth) and get his shots so we can have him groomed.  His adult coat is reaching its final development (he is achieving his final form) and I'd like to have him professionally raked every three or four months.  I'd also like to just have him seeing the vet regularly, to get him established at the office and get everyone familiar with him.  He may require a lot of medical care later in life, and I want to lay the groundwork for that now, while he's still young and healthy (and stinky).

I get less than $500 a month from SSDI, and our food card benefits keep getting cut because evidently some assholes think that will motivate me to magically not be disabled, so this is how we make up the slack.  It's a lot of slack.  (I realize it's gauche to do this sort of thing.  The artists/writers who point that out are inevitably relatively well-off, and usually mentally healthy, too, so . . . I don't have that luxury.)

I'd be more articulate about it and dance for your amusement, but . . . I'm tired.  I've been tired a lot lately, I know, and it's seriously screwing things up over here.  I'm not getting enough done, and I've been really depressed.  Not in a dripping-with-gloom-and-despair sort of way, just . . . quietly.  The kind of depression that means I don't want to do anything, have a hard time doing anything, and don't enjoy things I usually enjoy.

I love you all.  I wish I could engage more.  I wish I wasn't broken.

Anyway, an excerpt (actual dialogue, not just porn):

Text under cut! )
I really like Zirel.  Like, a lot.  Endario is a twerp, and is generally just adorkable.

Again, hop over to The Shadow Princess campaign page and throw five or ten bucks our way.  It helps.  Every little bit helps.

Thank you to everyone who has helped already by donating or spreading the word!
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We're still trying to fund The Shadow Princess, and we're not even at 10%, so we could really use y'all's help.

This one is great fun, I'm enjoying it immensely, and I know that you guys will love it, too. So please consider backing us so we can eat and take the cat to the vet and all that.

So click over and donate if you can.

I'm putting an excerpt below the cut:

Click for porniness! )
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Behold the book trailer for our latest Indiegogo effort, The Shadow Princess!

For god's sake, WATCH IT, because that logo was hella difficult and I am just super proud of it..

The Plot:

In the tiny principality of Asturias, evidence comes to light that the ruthless mercenary captain Gorlos D'Averonne intends to kidnap Princess Adalina and hold her for ransom.  For her safety, she will be smuggled out of the city, and to keep her absence from being noticed too quickly, the services of Zirel Andalas are retained.

Zirel is not only the most (in)famous whore in the city of Uvala, she is also a skilled illusionist, using her abilities to impersonate others almost flawlessly.  She takes Adalina's place at the grand ball which opens Carnivale, while the princess makes her escape . . . only things don't go quite as planned.

Now the princess hides out in a whorehouse, while the whore takes her place in the palace and tries to help her unravel the conspiracy that threatens the realm.

There will be danger, mystery, intrigue, and lots of dirty sex.

Hit the Indiegogo page and make a donation!

Hosting bills and printing costs are due this round, so we could really use signal boosting, as always.  This is really, really fun, since I think we both needed a break from the dark and broody seriousness of Imperial Blood (which is unreservedly awesome, just . . . I did not know that porn could be fucking metal, but evidently it can).

I am once again offering ponies, so if you want in on that, get in on it early.

Also, the price of cameos has dropped, since we have room for so many.  So if you've ever wanted to have sex with a princess, prince, valiant knight, or an incredibly hot madam, or any combination thereof, feel free to take advantage!

Thank  you, everyone.  I am really looking forward to this one being out there!


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